Rape on women or children

Rape-on women or children:

Swami Agnivesh comments in NDTV


My comments:

Women Rape, Domestic Violence and unreasonable marital issues are coming to open fore now a days frequently. Many are crying/shouting for death sentence to the aggressors? And we see many emotional out bursts in various quarters?

But this is broadly a social/ family problem? No body seems to be interested in proper authentic diagnosis? Without diagnosis – how can you offer short term/ immediate and long term solution to the problem? Besides there seems to be inadequate expertise available on these issues? Even if available the decision makers/ government(ministers/bureaucrats) seem to have no sincere inclination to use them? These problems are there for the last 65 years in varying degrees? But nobody noticed it or nobody wants to notice it? Everybody is bothered about his/her personal gain?

If one is sincere&seroius , the problem has to be tackled at various levels- individual, family, community, locality/region and at national level? At each stage the problem has to tackled by different effective parameters like stringent laws creating fear in the mind of the aggressors, effective policing, effective&timely investigation and timely prosecution, generally not allowing such circumstances to do rape , training women in self defence, counselling adults-men and women , bringing enough education at college and school level,deep study of biological&psychological factors etc and making available sufficient funds,besides having exampler leadership in executive and legislature? There is a need for commitment in short term and long term by the leadership at all levels of all hues/parties? In the long term the issues have to be seen holistically for mental heigene at individual, family, community, regional and national levels with a statistically monitoring mechanism which will help timely diagnosis leading to better solutions in an on going way. If issues are taken this seriously , the crime will come down to low levels and will be in control in a time bound manner? Otherwise, we are only bursting out emotionally and venting out our anger when incidents happen and are not serious about solutions?For over all HOLISTIC WELLNESS,pl visit http://www.materialistspiritualist.org/article-2.html

Any takers? Any comments?

Venkataramanaiah Chekuru

URL: www.materialistspiritualist.org


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More than a leader,India needs a vision-by Arun Maira in the Hindu dt.8/4/13-comments

More than a leader,India needs a vision– by Arun Maira in the Hindu dated 8-04-2013 as per link below-visit my comments.


My comments as below:

India certainly needs a new vision?The Nehruvian vision is as good as dead?And the vision that was started in 1991-the liberalisation vision has stagnated/become ineffective for current circumstances?However the world around us also seems to be changing from the Western/industrial revolution vision to a wholistic vision as the whole world seems to be travelling in the same single boat with actions in one part giving rise to reactions in other parts of the globe?Whatever new vision India adopts,it should be in tune with the emerging new world vision?The leaders should be sensitive enough to pick the signal?There should be a national debate on the new vision for India,may be articulated/co-ordinated by the media?For a possible new vision for India in tune with the possible emerging new world vision,pl visit A Rudderless World and the Solution,visit http://blog.materialistspiritualist.org/?p=18452

Who will give the vision for India?Ideally the leader has to take initiative and bring out one from the talent available in the nation,if the leader can not bring out one by himself/herself?The leader should understand present and future needs&trends of the nation?He/she should assimilate and commit to such a vision?Which means the leader should have adequate knowledge and skills in leading  the nation with such a vision with sufficient trasparent monitoring machanisms?

Does India with a population of about 120 crores have/capable of having- a new vision with such a leadership presently?Or is any body taking this seriously?

Venkataramanaiah Chekuru

URL: www.materialistspiritualist.org


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‘India first’ is my definition of secularism,Narendra Modi tells NRIs-comments

‘India first’ is my definition of secularism,Narendra Modi tells NRIs- The Times of India dated 1-03-2013 as per link below:


My comments as below(also visit comments-mine&others- in the above link):

India first:

Clarification sir?

Which India you are talking about sir?

The India –which seems not following the letter and spirit of the constitution,the very basis of India,the country?

NO TO A INDIA  where—

1.the India-economic angle-where even bank loans,food,water,shelter,education and other basic amenities require the recommendation of leaders or their cronies every where—directly or subtly through institutionalisation—for the common people to get?Where very few families own most of the wealth-not through hard work,but mostly by manipulation,accommodation,corruption and crony methods?

2.the India-political angle—where a few families across the nation own political parties as business entities with purely pecuniary and self aggradizement interests—buy votes from the money squeezed from miners,contractors,industrialists,businessmen and other interested parties—which is becoming glaringly clear from the scams across the nation? In such a scenerio where is the role for hard work?Where is the role for democracy—by the people,of the people and for the people? i.e. people at large?

3.the India-governance angle—where there is rampant institutional collusion among all four pillars of Indian democracy—i.e. among the legislature,executive,judiaciary and media as seen from the recent cases all over India?There is unbearable corruption at the highest levels resulting in corruption every where in India?There is hardly any incentive for honesty,transparancy, and hard work?Looters and cronies every where –in public or private sectors-take away the cake—at entrepreneur level or beaurocracy level or leadership level?Honest up-right  contributers are put to unbearable difficulties virtually chasing them to leave the country?There is favouritsm,nepotism,discrimination,,embezzlement and mis-management every where resulting in creation of privilaged families and sections with no meaning for hard work and ethics?Equality before law has become a laughing matter?

4.the India—social angle—even after 65 years of independance,still there are substantial segregations on the basis of caste,religion or region in most of the public/private offices—directly or subtly?Recruitment,promotion and economic rewards are still substantially based on caste,religion or region irrespective of merit—done cleverly and subtly across the country?There are rampant caste and religious segregations across the rural India—clearly visible?There is still rampant un-touchability,discrimination and feudalism across the nation as against the letter and spirit of the constitution?

5.the India—cultural angle—though the highest caste has become relatively weak,still there are people and institutions which talk and propogate the superiority of the highest/higher castes?The basis of caste is mere accident of birth?There is no role for VASANA in deciding the caste or intellectual ability of theindividual(in most of the informal and subtle world of India)? Who has to decide the concept and implementation of VASANA?Is there a role for aptitude or a combined role for VASANA and aptitude?or is the caste system needed?what are the solutions?

Women are being treated as tools and their condition is pathetic in rural India?There are neither ancient ways nor there are modern ways of equality before law?It is quite arbitrary and feudal supression on women?The culture has drifted and there is different and up-dated modernism visible every where?But feudal forces of yester years want to live in the past and enforce their will on every body?They do not want to do the home work of assimilation,integration and innovation for social public good,harmony and wellness?They say our past is the greatest and want every body live in the past making every body forget untouchability,caste discrimination(including right to education) and dominance based on caste and wealth?This is so even after 65 years of independence.CERTAINLY  NO  TO  THIS  INDIA,sir?

YES TO A INDIA—which follows the letter and spirit of the constitution where there is liberty,freedom,equality/of opportunity,dignity,justice etc. as enshrined in the constitution—where privilaged families—political/business are stopped or neutralised in a democratic way—which are presently protected by the military,police and intelligence(co-ersive state instruments) at public cost—where there is no discrimination,favouritism,nepotism and where there is trasparancy and hard work and innovation are encouraged—YES  TO  THIS  INDIA,sir?

A people constitute a country?A people form a country?People are the country? And not infrastructure,GDP,super power  etc. alone?Yes,they are important but for whom?for the whole of people or a few prilaged families?Hence people first and country next? YES  TO  A  INDIA  of whole of people?There should be conceptual clarity.We were/are told  that we are a country  with known 5000 years of glorious history but we  or  our fore-fathers know/knew the turmoil  in the right to education,dignity of labour etc.?No more privilages to the so called upper caste/s or classes?YES  TO  A  INDIA  –where every  body competes in the most ethical way in all walks of life under the letter and spirit of the constitution?

YES  TO  A  INDIA—where religion is a personal  affair  but religion or cultural heritage is protected from the invaders and looters or their present day versions of yesteryears—by the might of the state?Where secularism means each has right to his/her  religion for spiritual purposes and not for political power purpose?Where secularism is not irreligious?


Is any body listening please?An opinion pl?

Any takers?

Venkataramanaiah Chekuru



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A Rudderless World and the solution



Visit the following link on ‘A Rudderless World’ by Kishore Mahbubani appeared in the New York Times on 18-8-2011.Then visit the comments given below:

Link: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/08/19/opinion/19iht-edmahbubani19.html?emc=eta1&_r=0

Comments and a possible solution:

Today the world is at cross roads in more or less on all substantial matters. Present day materialism emanating from the all pervasive ever increasing consumptive developmental capitalism devoid of environmental concerns and the very origin of life (from nature) is driving humanity and natural life / processes on earth  on seemingly verge of distruction/ confusive blocked road path- with wide desparity in income and wealth between 0.1%(or 1%) of population vs. balance population resulting in social tensions, despair and pain everywhere around the globe- besides exstinction of a variety of species on earth with global warming and other unknown perhaps man made errors/mishaps/distructive methods? Humanity today seem to feel/conclude that life processes can be explained completely by materialist scientific processes going from RNA-DNA and to the appropriate knowledge in genetic bio-chemistry etc. A vast number of issues regarding life processes are yet to be explained by science like -brain functioning,many para-normal phenomenon, what is consciousness? what is awareness? what is life? what is orgin of life?etc. Can science give conclusive unquestioned theories on these vital issues on life? Can statistical oriented scientific methods lead humanity to safe,peaceful and harmonious knowledge for survival and peaceful&harmonious existance of humanity/ life processes on earth? Scientific methods used- are a bit on the verge of adventurism from the point of view of life in its consciousness? Adventurism has brought humanity to certain safe zones like invention of vaccines, anti-biotics, preventive medicines,curative medicines etc. resulting in increase of life expectancy all over the globe? Besides inventions in many areas like in science, technology and Engineering in various areas of human existance have generally improved the material living standards of humanity around the globe in general? But it could not address the problems of wellness/happiness,fulfillment in life and safety of humanity&life in general on earth as seen from the ever dangerous environmental problems humanity and life processes are facing today on earth?


Where as spiritualism taught humanity the methods of harmony with nature ? The spiritual symbolisms of various regions/religions have kept the tampering of nature by man in check over a long period? But with the advent of ‘industrial revolution’ advances in- mathematics, science, technology and engineering grew giving rise to various facilities/ tools for human consumption around the world-be it in infrastructure,in offices, in homes and with individuals with various gadgets/tools and facilities. There seems to be a feeling at various levels of societies around the globe that the knowledge/infrastructure/tools/facilities created by humanity is the ‘master’ and can save humanity. Is humanity becoming ‘slave’ to the tools it created?(like various technologies-be it internet,automation,advances in life sciences etc.) or is humanity ‘master’ over everything conceivable except perhaps the un-understood spirit/ god –the all pervasive? Is spiritualism of the past still relevant and useful to humanity? Yes, it is still relevant and useful to not only humanity but also to all the life processes on earth – part of which is humanity? Just as you have materialist connection as perceived / postulated by genetic evolutionary sciences giving explanation as to how life evolved and evolving on earth including humans- spiritualism is all-pervasive and interconnected perhaps with everything- objective and subjective? It is a great feeling of inter-connection connecting all life processes including humans on earth and with the universe and its processes. Spiritualism gives its own symbolisms/signals for life on earth to be used for its survival,balancing and growth. Higher order life especially humans can use these signals effectively for safety and survival of life on earth. Basically this is a smart solution to the jinxed/complicated problems of life on earth -whereas materialist solutions are tedious , round about and time consuming? Only spiritualism could give reasonable holistic explanation of-what is life? what is consciousness? what is awareness and other higher end knowledge which it is difficult to get from materialist methods of science so far?


As far as humanity is concerned at the highest level of conscious thinking-materialist science is one tool and spiritualism and its methods are another tool? Which means humanity in its highest level of existance is the ‘master’ (aham brahmsmi meaning I am devine) and all knowledge stops there at him/her. That level/state of existance is called by various names by different religions. In any case at present stage of societies around the globe, humanity can not escape from religious feelings/ knowledge at the gross ground level? Any solution for various problems at various levels of societies can not ignore this aspect, if one is serious about humanity and its suffering?

There could be many other tools apart from materialism and spiritualism? But humanity seems to have not grown to that stage? Besides humanity is drifting and not using already available spiritual knowledge and got entangled with materialist methods not knowing how to proceed?


The various problems one sees in various arenas of human existance like -life from the perspective of – politics, economics,business,science,social problems, legal/justice problems, people movements etc- are part of the wholistic total?

It is clear from an observation of various societies around the globe that communism had failed and now captialism has failed? Both promised great hope to a great many people around the globe? One may argue that they are still workable and that good solutions are possible from them? Yes, but they have their own systemic fatigue and limitations and the parts seem to have worn out making their life quite limited? Any intelligent solution should be innovative and different from them but use their base if needed for human well being? Which makes one to go to the roots of human thinking and evolution from various angles(materialist , spiritualist and lateral)?


Capitalist democracies promised the concept of democracy- of people, by people and for people for public good but overall they are nowhere in sight with 0.1%(or 1%) of population dominating and running their societies through the sheer power of their wealth, the possession of which is questionable from present day point of view as to what is their contribution to the creation of that very wealth which is giving them that power to control others(99%)? Communism promised equality, dignity, comraderie, quick development,peace, harmony, liberty etc.? But they are no where in sight around the globe? Today communist societies are dominated by a few families or the progenies of the leaders of those mass movements which brought them to power by annihilating or over throwing the so called bourgoeisie/captialist class as they are called? There is vast in-equality in wealth and incomes of various sections of society? Here also the 1% and 99% social sections have evolved?In communist states the 1% is very brutal in its suppression of the 99%? No free voting? The 1% or 0.1% decides everything? What they think good is good for everybody? No questions asked? If questioned , concentration camps or jail or death will be awaiting the questioner? Perhaps, this is not what the foot soldiers were/are promised when they took the gun sacrificing their life in the name of revolution?


Both capitalist and communist systems are at cross roads or humanity in general is at cross roads from a holistic point of view ? People everywhere are craving for justice? There is unbearable pain and despair everywhere around the globe? Both capitalist and communist states have taken power by citing the concept of public good and have become indifferent to people’s problems resulting in despair and pain everywhere around the globe as felt by the 99% of the population? The religious states/institutions were/are accused for the 0.1% of population controlling the rest in the name of god/faith and public good which they failed to do over centuries and hence were thrown out by capitalism and subsequently by communism. Besides inter religious wars of yester years gave raise to more pain and despair rather than salvation to the masses?It left great un-bearable animosity between masses of various religions? Besides the wars- direct/cold between capitalism and communism has left/leaving bad taste and suffering for the masses in both systems and no solution seems to be in sight? Now both capitalism and communism are exactly facing the same situation for themselves as faced by religious states in a different way at a different level?The deadly wars fought over the years has created a sense of mistrust among people of various regions /religions /sects? Besides the military industrial complex created in the economically developed world,military hardware available everywhere around the globe and tampering /manipulation of genes in creating new species or modified species is leading the world towards dangerously uncertain situations with no/ inadequate checks and balances and accountability for universal public good? There is a tendency to treat life as a machine and/ matter or a commodity? This is a very dangerous situation. Is mankind becoming or tending to become a slave to the instruments- be it knowledge or physical tools like military hardware it created? Is mankind in control of the situation? Has mankind got necessary wisdom to be the ‘master’ (aham brahmsmi meaning I am divine) to control the tools (knowledge, instruments etc ) it created? Can elected representatives possess this wisdom? Are human societies capable of generating such leaders? Who is there to access the risks involved since the whole of mankind today is travelling in the same single boat?In order to face these seemingly dangerous situations the world is encountering today, mankind has to look for alternate paradigms for safe,peaceful, harmonious existance and well being?


Hence there is a need for paradigm shift in our thinking,faiths,beliefs,attitudes and behaviour for achieving peace, harmony, synergy, justice and development everywhere by developing appropriate knowledge,skills,systems and processes with minimum laws and least policing starting from the basics i.e. what is truth or nature of truth? knowledge/nature of knowledge? and what is life or origin of life and/ thought?-to mitigate pain and despair everywhere around the globe?For a possible vision and a  hazy road map and for more material please visit the links given below:

(comments are my personal views)


Visit: www.materialistspiritualist.org



Venkataramanaiah Chekuru

URL: www.materialistspiritualist.org

Connected links for more material:



2.New vision for an alternate holistic world order


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9.Make laws to prevent scams?


10.A message for all of humanity


11.Obama’s rudderless China,Russia policy(my comments)


12.World awaits the great Indian dream,says Kotler


13.Holistic Wellness





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Twi-light of the Gods-to understand a review of various religious orders over the centuries and evolution of a NEW ORDER and to understand that—we are at the dawn of a new era of Light.It is precisely this new liberation,unfettered and unbound by traditional religion that is sought after by those who opt for open spirituality instead of a closed religion.You have to be strong to do that.To follow directions is easy.To be your own master and to follow your own Light is difficult.But you are not alone.The Big Light is with you.Identify with the Light,which predates all religions and you will see the New Light will prevail—bacause it must.In this rudderless drifting world,for alternate vision,knowledge&skills please visit “Twi-light of the Gods” in the link given below along with SPEECHES material and other articles&messages:


Divine Madness:To understand brief datails about  realization process in  various religious schools like Christianity,Judaism,Sufism/Islam and in Hinduism-like that of Chaitanya Mahaprabhu,Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa,Kannappa Nayanar,TukaRam,Gora Kumbhar,Vaishnava&Saivaite saints and to understand the need for a true teacher,visit the following link on Divine Madness:



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Social Media is the Next Phase of Humanity(video)-Deepak Chopra

Social Media is the Next Phase of Humanity(video)-Deepak Chopra from mashable.com

Social networking for peace,harmony,synergy,justice and development

Brief talk by Deepak Chopra,the renowned spiritualist highlights the spiritual aspects of human existence.You can listen to it in the link below first,then read the comments below:



In human evolution,humans have achieved considerable knowledge on spiritualism and materialism.One may ask the question-what is knowledge?

Knowledge in materialist paradigm can be jotted down,fixed in equation,written,postulated,experimented,verified and repeated as a knowledge process.The basic building blocks being mathematics and matter(puncha bhootas).

Where as spiritualism is driven by- to start with the feeling component,understanding self and going into various states and finally into a being which goes beyond time,space&the very existence paradigm and seeking/realizing the seemingly eternal truth?Here it is primarily inward driven.The world one sees here is ever changing and uncapturable?Basically it is a feeling,an awareness and a consciousness-the attendant components being all behavioural parameters such as love,compassion,hatred,jealasy,pride etc. etc.They can not be fixed like you do in materialist knowledge.The spiritual knowledge seems to be the driving life force for humans?

Where as social sciences emanated from materialist knowledge and tools-of external observation,postulation,experimentation,verification&repeating for making it universal theory?Even observations one makes inward for creative aspects are basically predominantly from materialist knowledge and symbolisms?

An attempt was made by promoting MATERIALIST SPIRITUALIST MISSION TRUST in 2003 for developing knowledge and skills for balancing materialism and spiritualism towards achieving  peace,harmony,synergy,justice and development every where in the world.Please visit Speeches,Twi-light of the Gods,Mind,Involution&Evolution,article1-New ways of global co-operation-a feedback etc. in  www.materialistspiritualist.org and the Blog therein for latest articles and messages.

Venkataramanaiah Chekuru


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Obama’s Rudderless China,Russia policy-from blogs.cnn.com

Obama’s Rudderless China,Russia policy- published in CNN.com dated 26-09-2012 – my comments with overall perspective posted in my Facebook account.


The gun point capitalism and communism evolved from the industrial revolution seem to have failed unable to solve to-day’s world problems.To-day world is run mostly through materialist hard power.The soft power of spiritualism is dis-couraged by and large as state policy resulting in despair and pain every where?Capitalist and communist states have become insensitive to common man’s problem though every body took power in his/her name and for serving him using conceipt of public good?There is violence,pain and despair every where?For a possible effective soft solution visit article1-New ways of global co-operation-a feedback in www.materialistspiritualist.org

Venkataramanaiah Chekuru



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Can n’t have multiple executives-by Kapil Sibal (TOI dated 15-09-2012)

Can n’t have multiple executives:CAG policy prescriptions have triggered a constitutional crisis-by Kapil Sibal in TOI dated 15-09-2012


Comments on the above article as posted in my Facebook account:

From this article,one gets an impression of bulldozing other statutory bodies/institutions by the executive when matters are not convenient to them?It is the duty of CAG to not only audit but also audit effectiveness of implementation of public policy?If earlier it was not done,it was a misfortune for the people of India?Also one gets the impression that it is not to create an environment to fill the pockets of the Aam Aadmi but to fill the pockets of politicians,their kith&kin,relatives,friends,interested parties and crony capitalists from Delhi to galli as evident from the court cases all over India?By shutting the mouths of watch dog institutions by subtle admonition and attack,the executive is by impression abetting/colluding institutional lawlessness with far reaching repercussions for Indian democracy and probably its difficulties to succeed in the long run?If this kid of pecuniary gains are not enjoyed by the political class/bureaucrats/other ruling groups,why are they running after power? Power for what? For enjoyment,gratification and use power freely without accountability?Along with power comes accountability?We are a democracy.The executive is answerable to parliament and the people.We are not a kingdom?Even in kingdom,RAM sent SITA to forests on a small public dissent/adverse comment perhaps thousands of years ago say the scriptures of this land?Now scams of thousands of lakhs crores of rupees are involved from Delhi to galli in aggregation?Who is to answer this?Courts say –it is not the job of courts to rule the country?Executive snubs the watch dog institutions?Where will the people go for complaining as RAM is tainted in RAM RAJYA?In stead of snubbing the watch dog institutions,the political class must give way for democracy to function away from the feudal mindset?India is vast and diverse in every thing.To manage it one has to follow constitution in it’s true spirit?Otherwise the political class is sowing the seeds of separation,violence and lawlessness in the minds of people?It makes economic and social sense to strengthen Indian democracy if constitution is followed in it’s true spirit?
Will the political class introspect and leave self-aggrandizement projects,nepotism,favouratism,mis-management and mis-governance?
This is the best that the political class can leave it to the next generation as a great heritage?
Is the political class noticing? An opinion pl.
Venkataramanaiah Chekuru


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Discussion link in American Philosophical Association on New world order

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Articles on governance,spirituality,freedom etc. posted recently from reputed sources in blog in www.materialistspiritualist.org pointing need for a New world order.

Communism has failed. Now capitalism has failed. There is suspicion,…materialistspiritualist.org

Transition from Nonlife to Life Communism has failed. Now capitalism has failed. There is suspicion, mistrust and social indifference every where leading to disharmony, helplessness and violence. In these days of MPs…

3 days ago



Hartley W. • From the article Chekuru linked to:
“Communism has failed. Now capitalism has failed. There is suspicion, mistrust and social indifference every where leading to disharmony, helplessness and violence. . .There is a need for paradigm shift in our thinking, faiths, beliefs, attitudes and behavior for achieving synergy, peace, harmony, justice and development. This calls for research in understanding TRUTH.”

A New World Order! What a remarkably bad idea, especially if it is founded on something called TRUTH. There is nothing more coercive, nothing more potentially violent, nothing more destructive to peace, nothing more productive of hopelessness and disharmony than the notion of truth as this would be conceived in the construction of a new world order. This is a form of political ideology being masked as spirituality and freedom.

A “new world order” is conceptually inseparable from politics. What this article pictures is a world order wherein the economic and social forces which gave rise philosophically to political realism do not exist. What this would likely produce is a world order which would be a tool in the manipulation of economic/social interests.

What would a new world order look like? How would a new world order come to be the dominant form of politics without becoming the very thing for which it was to be the solution? I suspect the answer would take a form something like the following: In the name of TRUTH, and in order to establish once and for all time a political order in which current social cancers are addressed (the article cites these: “corruption in highest places, corruption all around us, favouratism, nepotism, discrimination, embezzlement, self-agrandizement, mis-management, adultery, cheating, stealing and dereliction every where, intolerance, violence, mistrust, social indifference and social disorder”), we must eliminate those people and structures which are their causes–by whatever means necessary. TRUTH would demand nothing less. After all, what’s a little bit of war between friends, right, especially if it’s for a good cause?

Of course, this may not be your answer, or the answer supplied by the Materialist, Spiritualist Mission Trust who produced the article you cited, but if it is it should be noted that this is NOT an example of a new paradigm in human thought; indeed, it is precisely the kind of thought which dominates and justifies the policies of virtually every modern nation state.

2 days ago


Prof.Suresh K. • Both spirituality or religion and politics deal with human beings. A politics devoid of spirituality is infested with corruption and creates an unethical atmosphere of manoeuvred situations, circumstances and people. If you do not recognise the individual or universal spirit, there is no reason for you to be ethical. Politics without ethics and human values would result in chaos, crime and corruption

The goal of politics is to bring good governance and increase material, emotional and physical comfort of people. The aim of spirituality is to boost morality and human values. Both politics and spirituality need to go hand in hand.

For good governance, spirituality is necessary. Only spirituality can invoke commitment, care and confidence. Spiritual people live the values, which are absolutely essential for those in governance. A leader has to be a samadarshi , one who sees everyone as being equal; satyadarshi , who moves with the Truth; paradarshi, who is transparent in action; doordarshi, being broad-minded and a visionary; and priyadarshi, embodying love and compassion.

On the one hand, religion has been the cause of many wars on this planet. On the other hand, religion and spirituality have thrived only because of the patronage of the state. If a society is chaotic and has no spiritual values it is difficult to govern and if there is no official patronage, it is difficult for spirituality to survive.

Spirituality makes people honest and committed and this is necessary to create a crime-free society. State patronage makes spirituality spread faster to all sections of society. While many wars are fought in the name of religion, spirituality has given courage, confidence and commitment to people even in the toughest of times. Many saints, prophets, Sufis and sanyasis have been victimised due to lack of political patronage. For example, many Sikh gurus were persecuted by the state. This affected the morale of society and resulted in bad governance

Religion has created conflict, but irreligious societies have created chaos and corruption. Did not millions suffer in Russia, China and Cambodia in the name of freeing society of religious beliefs? Today, both religion and politics need reform. Religion has to become more spiritual to allow freedom of worship and broader to encompass all the wisdom in the world and politicians have to become more righteous and spiritual.

When spirituality and politics don’t coexist, then you have corrupt politicians and pseudo-religious leaders. Spirituality is ingrained in the Indian polity. Since ancient times rajgurus have guided and counselled rulers and in turn rulers have supported religious and spiritual leaders. Rama’s guru was Vasishta and Krishna’s guru was Sandipani. Jainism and Buddhism flourished under the patronage of the rulers of their time. Shivaji gave patronage to Samarth Ramdass[times of india reflections too]

2 days ago


Chekuru V. • Dear Prof.Hartley Wootton,
Thank you for your comments.As you know human society is total in nature.We compartmentalize for ease or it might have evolved as such as per need?Whatever,to-day or from 2000 AD onwards,there is more violence, dis-harmony ,helplessness and insecurity everywhere?As one among the affected from childhood, seeing problems of fellow human beings everywhere with similar problems,I tried to search for a possible solution-studying ancient world to to-days world in it’s more or less totality?I was convinced that this theory or way of life will give deliverance to a vast majority of people around the globe?To-day the Empirical method of philosophy which is used in science is the agreed one in society as a sanctity which I am not convinced?This is okay in the finite world but when you enter the undefinable TOTALITY or peripheries of contours of conceipts,empirical method will be a failure or can not explain phenomenon ?Please visit SPEECHES part,Twi-light of The gods,Times are changing ,New ways of global co-operation etc in the website or blog- www.materialistspiritualist.org If you are happy with the existing order or system of thinking,you may not be able to appreciate this view point? Or may find some other solutions appealing?Kindly treat this material as one among the plenty available in a library?I found this useful and hence I kept writing.If we do not base our theory on TRUTH or nature of Truth ,on what else we should base?Thank you once again for your comments.
Venkataramanaiah Chekuru

1 day ago

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Pranab rejects S&P report,says growth will turn around

Pranab rejects S&P report,says growth will turn around –article in New Indian Express dated 11-6-2012


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What happened to SHINNING INDIA and boomimg economic growth?With-out institutional strength,institutional governance&management,transparency,accountability-this would have happened in future anyway,even if India continued with 9+% growth?The need of the hour is HOLISTIC  approach and not piece meal solutions?The holistic approach requires total commitment to society/India- all sections included?The leaders—political,business,judicial,executive etc.—should all work over time and make working class work over time and develop the nation  with good harmony between various sections of society?Is Indian leadership geared for this?It is easy to dismiss Western reports/evaluation?The leadership of all hues can not use Western sources when it suits them and question/discard when it does not suit them? Are Indians ready for introspection and commitment to the nation?

Venkataramanaiah Chekuru BE(Gold Medalist),MBA(IIM-B,76)

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