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Two distinct perspectives seem to be very clear for human beings namely 1.materialism and 2.spiritualism.Materialism is clearly represented by universal scientific method with matter as the basis. Spiritualism is inwardly ‘truth’ with clear visibility/perception to some and vaguely visible/perceptible to many in varying degrees –of the complex ‘totality’.Different cultures/religions seem to have different perceptions/visibility with different materialist symbols/notions of the seemingly same incomprehensible source. All driving/travelling towards the ‘holistic total’ with the hope of finding meaning,happiness/wellness,peace and harmony herein and salvation/moksha/mukti here after for believers.If human beings can not find meaning,peace,harmony&happiness/wellness here on earth,thinking of salvation/moksha/mukti else where may become difficult,meaningless and incomprehensible as at least human beings are somewhat clear while living life or can become clear/some what with ‘effort’?So main tests for religions/societies are:1.whether the citizens are generally happy,peaceful,brotherly and 2.whether society in general has less(or may be insignificant) of -suicides,murders,domestic violence,crimes,thefts,communal fights and more of good standard of living-monitored statistically on a continuous basis looking/projecting into future.After all knowledge&wisdom is about social good/public good/sakala loka kalyanam may be resulting in peace&harmony for all life processes.

Though approaches may be different,all paths/methods(materialism,different spiritual approaches or their combined approaches) seem to search for the ‘holistic truth’-understanding of which may help  resulting in universal peace,harmony,justice&development for humans,communities,nations and life in general.It is time to reflect,understand,co-operate,govern better and live together first  here on earth  peacefully and then/simultaneously firmly taking up ‘adventurism’ in a guarded/accountable way?For we are sure of earth.This perspective seems to be the need of the hour.

An analysis of the state of world affairs,world’s present ‘Rudderlessness’ and the reasons for innovative approach to find solutions is given in the link below:


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