Sankara:from Temporal to Eternal by T.M.P.Mahadevan in Speakingtree

Sankara:from Temporal to Eternal by T.M.P.Mahadevan in Speakingtree on 25-07-2013,visit link below for article and comments:

My comments in the article as below:


Venkataramanaiah Hyderabad

Jul 27, 2013 at 01:40 pm

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The great sages of ancient India have propounded unique spiritualism originating from Sanatana dharma for the good of total society-sakala loka kalyanam.Even with the advent of direct proof giving science with so much material wealth development&technology,spiritualism,more so Indian spiritualism-especially Adwaitam-is so relevant in realms of deep consciousness in the pepheries of concepts or undefinable universe-like matter-energy-life paradigms-has become a must-know with out which humanity may miss the bus of even and harmonious evolution in the uncertain nature?When science with it’s origin from emperical philosophy can not explain phenomenon in it’s totalty,spiritualism more so Adwaitam opens up conceptual framework for better understanding of phenomenon-TRUTH-it’s nature- and LIFE-it’s nature and it’s origin-about which humanity has been searching from times immemorial?For an approach vstĀ ml#4




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