Pranab rejects S&P report,says growth will turn around

Pranab rejects S&P report,says growth will turn around –article in New Indian Express dated 11-6-2012

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What happened to SHINNING INDIA and boomimg economic growth?With-out institutional strength,institutional governance&management,transparency,accountability-this would have happened in future anyway,even if India continued with 9+% growth?The need of the hour is HOLISTIC  approach and not piece meal solutions?The holistic approach requires total commitment to society/India- all sections included?The leaders—political,business,judicial,executive etc.—should all work over time and make working class work over time and develop the nation  with good harmony between various sections of society?Is Indian leadership geared for this?It is easy to dismiss Western reports/evaluation?The leadership of all hues can not use Western sources when it suits them and question/discard when it does not suit them? Are Indians ready for introspection and commitment to the nation?

Venkataramanaiah Chekuru BE(Gold Medalist),MBA(IIM-B,76)



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