Suspended A.P.Judge may be arrested for bail scam

Suspended A.P.Judge may be arrested for bail scam –article in the Hindu dated 2-6-2012

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Corruption in judiciary is nothing new.It existed from  times immemorial under the rule of all(ancient Indians,Muslim rulers or the British).Only the tenor and extent is varying.It is unbearable to-day?The politicians who are responsible  for this are crying loud as they lost their ground  to-day anyway.When the politicians were/are busy looting the nation and transferring  the loot to the SWISS bank accounts in the name of their progeny,why then the judicial officials and bureaucrats will keep quite when the loot is  happening under their very nose?They too looted  as much as they can without  getting into obvious trouble?When any one of them is caught ,media and politicians are making a hue and cry  for their own reasons?There is unbearable  INSTITUTIONAL COLLUSION(among all four pillars of Indian democracy) in India?Judiciary may be appearantly far better than other institutions  as they need not  interface with the general public that directly.The need of the hour is  INTEGRITY and HONESTY—self generated from within.Any takers pl.

Venkataramanaiah Chekuru BE(Gold Medalist),MBA(IIM-B,76)



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