FOR A NEW VISION and WORLD ORDER–Twi-light of The Gods

Twi-light of The Gods—To understand a review of various religious orders over the centuries and evolution of  a NEW ORDER and to understand—We are at the dawn of a new era of Light. It is precisely this new liberation, unfettered and unbound by traditional religion, that is sought after by those who opt for open spirituality instead of a closed religion. You have to be strong to do that. To follow directions is easy. To be your own master and to follow your own Light is difficult. But you are not alone. The Big Light is with you. Identify with the Light, which predates all religions, and you will see that the New Light will prevail … because it must.–please visit”Twi-light of The Gods”.
In this Rudderless drifting world,for a new vision and world order,read article on “Twi-light of The Gods” along with Speech material,articles and messages in Please read the link below:


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http://timesofindia .indiatimes. com/home/ opinion/speaking -tree/articlelis t/articleshow/ 5742684.cms

Divine Madness—To understand the realization details of teachers like Chaitanya Mahaprabhu,Sri Ramakrishna Paremahamsa,Kannappa Nayanar,Tukaram,Gora Kumbar,Vaishnava&Shaivaite saints and to understand the need to get a true teacher,visit-

Divine Madness–science vs spirituality–what are TRUTH and REALITY?

Pl see speech material in for detailed discussion.Read link below for article on Divine Madness:





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