Refused to pay bribe to setup airline: Ratan Tata(ET)

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Refused to pay bribe to setup airline: RatanTata
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TATA SONS Chairman Ratan Tata’s bombshell of a claim that demand for a bribe had scuttled Tata’s domestic airline venture 15 years ago has set off a political storm. With his characteristic candidness, Tata said earlier in the week that he didn’t re-enter the airline business, which was to be in a joint venture with Singapore Airlines, as he was not comfortable with the idea of paying a bribe of 15 crore to a minister. Former Civil Aviation minister, CM Ibrahim in turn, dared him to make public the name of the minister. Noted industrialist Rahul Bajaj followed up Tata’s claim with a comment that many top business houses indulged in paying bribes. Even as industries minister Anand Sharma made all the right noises about acting against corruption, it remains to be seen whether Tata’s revelation will lead to any lasting debate on corruption. On his part, he said that he followed no particular methodology for succeeding without compromising ethics and values. But he did point out Tata’s failure in re-entering the aviation business even though they were the pioneers in the field. In the 1930s, JRD Tata had set up India’s first commercial airline called Tata Airlines. Later in the 1950s, the airline was taken over by the government and turned into Air India.

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Rattan Tata has not given us a new information. We the people of India know that our leaders charge money on each licence, quota, sale and purchase done on behalf of government and we also know that all these unaccounted money is deposited in swiss bankk and names of holders are disclosed, we shall have to withdraw so many awards and honours which had been given to individuals in the past.

Posted by dalip singh wasan , advocate at writer | 21 Nov, 2010

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