New World Order (NWO)-A discussion

New World Order (NWO)- A discussion

World seems to be at cross roads. There is clear failure of world order today. The gun point capitalism and communism evolved out of  the industrial revolution seems to be a clear failure at this stage unable to solve today’s problems. The conclusive orthodox religious order of various hues based on –absoluteness, omnipotence, immutability, permanency and perfection are not capable of answering  today’s world awareness and often pulling the world backwards towards intolerance and violence.The oft spoken love, brother-hood,concern for the fellow human being and co-operative social collaboration are missing today.From morning until going to bed in the night,everybody seems to be running madly without holistic meaning to life.In this scenario,there seems  to be efforts to bring in world order by various groups in their own way around the globe with their own agendas.The prominent among them seems to be:

1.NWO—command&control type by some Western groups

2.NWO—World Islamic Caliphate by some muslim groups

3.NWO—communism world wide by some left groups

4.NWO—the natural order –by many peace loving people with holistic perspective

Before Understanding-what probably could happen,thought leaders may have to be clear about some basic points namely:1.what is life 2.what is origin of life 3.Truth 5.nature of Truth 6.Reality 7.nature of Reality 7.available philosophical tools  and 8.purpose.

Today materialism as a philosophical  tool is dominating the world.Western science and social sciences are a product of materialism with it’s method/scientific conclusions  and it’s manifestation in the form of  perspectives at individual,group,regional and global level.

Spiritualism as a philosophical tool was dominant during middle ages and earlier. Spiritualism as a philosophical  tool manifests as  subjective vital part of human being/life. Spiritualists are sublimed but spiritualism as a philosophical tool has great potential to understand world phenomenon, thus can contribute to peace and harmony.Spiritualism especially vedic  schools of thought have great potential in understanding  world phenomenon.In the vedic  schools of thought, behavior is understood by internally calibrated parameters like kama,krodha,mada,mascharya,..etc..vasana,prana,atma and paramatma.Only a trained Guru can identify these and guide individuals and society. This has it’s own good points and some limitations as observed over history.

In my spiritual journey of about 36 years ,I have realized that by fusing materialist and spiritualist approaches, higher realization of knowledge&wisdom is possible and I coined this approach ‘materialismspiritualism’.The whole universe seems to have cosmic  rhythm and the whole life processes on earth have both physical bio-sphere and spiritual/subjective  bio-rhythm.

No school of thought could give conclusive knowledge  on life,origin of life,Truth,Reality and Consciousness as of now.

Science recognizes only  physical Bio-sphere on earth and spiritual aspect is not recognized as such.

Today knowledge is available in bits and pieces on various aspects of animate and inanimate objects. No comprehensive holistic knowledge is available for better conclusions to human societies. Without holistic knowledge, any conclusions on total humanity will be defective, risky and adventurous.

Based on human history (especially over  the last two decades),predictions of Nostradamus, Indian Seers, Mayans and my own vision/experiences during the last 36 years,  world seems to move towards a natural New World Order from the present confused violent state.

The natural  NWO will move towards giving space to all human societies& species and will bring in natural life harmony, thus leading to  durable peace while economic development will take new directions by bringing in alternate technologies like renewable energy, alternate medicines, alternate institutional systems& processes. World seems to be already moving in that direction.

In this connection an international  Conference on New World Order (‘Professors & Politicians Gather To Warn Us About  New World Order) was conducted by Perdana Global Peace Foundation  with  Dr.Mahathir Mohamad ,ex-fouth PM of Malaysia as present President by inviting interested professors/academicians, social personalities and politicians from all over the world and the deliberations  are available in this link along with live discussions in YouTube link therein. This link:

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Discussion on-Life and Consciousness for a new vision- by C.Venkataramanaiah

Discussion on- Life and Consciousness for a new vision  by C.Venkataramanaiah

No conclusive theory/conclusive knowledge is available on life and consciousness as on date. Materialists argue that life originated from matter and the methods used are scientific postulations, collection of data, analysis, verification and conclusion and that is the path(i.e. deduction or induction).Spiritualists argue that life comes out of life or life in it’s totality(i.e. matter&spirit involving the holistic unit) has evolved out of the universal consciousness(Vedic view point).There are different Western and Eastern spiritual schools of thought on life and origin of life.Materialist Spiritualist Mission Trust  and some spiritualists argue that knowledge of consciousness and inner intricate details of life and origin of life-originated/originates from the realisations of Rishis/Mahapurushas/Teachers/Rabbies/Prophets-and-to understand realization is to go through that process to it’s highest possible state and that may not be in the individual’s/realisers hands.There is no verifiable proof  as required by the scientific method.With individuals who have gained scientific knowledge &understood it’s methods and spiritual realization-fusion between materialist and spiritualist approaches  is possible for realizing holistic knowledge&wisdom for human well being and for the good of all life in general.The knowledge&wisdom so available/so generated is useful as the basic premise on which humanity can rely for tackling present day issues of terrorism,extremism,fundamentalism,un-accountable command&control and for attaining peace,harmony,synergy,justice and development for all in conducive systems&processes.

There is a need for paradigm shift in approach,method,analysis and conclusion in arriving at holistic truth and holistic reality.There is a need for paradigm shift in approach and method in passing on that knowledge&wisdom about holistic truth and holistic reality based on hunger&worth of the receiver  for Sakala LokaKalyanam/for the good of all.

1.The issue of origin of life,consciousness,truth&reality and purpose are discussed in my link on materialismspiritualism:

2.Life and Consciousness-The Vedantic view  by Dr.Bhakti Niskama Shanta is elaborately comparatively discussed with respect to scientific materialist view point  in Communicative&Integrative Biology in volume 8,issue 5, 2015 as per this link:

3.A summery of discussion-on Life and Consciousness from materialist/scientific angle and spiritual(vedic) angle- in a recently formed  google-group- Online_Sadhu_Sanga (in which I am also a member) with some eminent scientists,medical doctors and spiritualists from reputed bodies/universities/hospitals from all over the world  is given in this link: (If this link is not opening,please read material given below under symbol  **)

Venkataramanaiah Chekuru



[Sadhu Sanga] Re: Paper Refuting Darwinism Published in Journal ‘Communicative & Integrative Biology’ (Digest of Emails 16 – 20 Oct 2015)

‘Bhakti Vijnana Muni, PhD’ via Sadhu-Sanga Under the holy association of Spd. B.M. Puri Maharaja, Ph.D. <> Sat, Oct 24, 2015 at 11:56 AM

To: “Sadhu-Sanga Under the holy association of Spd. B.M. Puri Maharaja, Ph.D.” <>


Dear friends,


We have received a large number of responses in the last few days. It was not possible for us to post many excellent responses from prominent scientists all over the world. However we are posting the emails in a series of digests with some brief comments. We look forward to your continuing enthusiastic and thoughtful responses.


Thanking you,





Dear Authors,


Refuting Darwinism is like covering Sunlight by your palm. A scientific discovery or invention cannot be driven by a priori intention of underplaying a discovery that has been well founded because the arguments of the latter are compatible to the faith or belief systems of the investigators. What motives do you have to refute Darwinism? What is a soul made of? Where does it come from? What forces do operate that soul? Is rebirth and reincarnation also proven by you? Or is it your next research paper to be published in a journal that is convenient to your ides?





Comments: The paper ‘Life and Consciousness – The Vedantic view’ lists scientific evidences that critique Darwinian idea. The soul is not a thing but can be conceived as a potential, or a thinking substance. Hegel explained that consciousness awakens in the soul. Aristotle following in the line of previous thinkers like Anaxagorous explained that soul was the first principle of all living organisms. He gave a method to deduce soul from empirical observations. In Vedanta soul has been defined as a part and parcel of the Absolute Original Organic Whole called Brahman or Spirit. Absolute is Sentient. The soul is superior energy compared to matter. Therefore life is not a result of material combinations. Consciousness is the externalization of soul. The soul is operated by its desire although it is finite, and is therefore subject to be captured by the material energy or the lower prakriti. Therefore the consciousness of the soul is affected by the kind of associations which it desires to have.




Dear Dr. Bhakti Niskama Shanta,


I read your article “Life and consciousness – The Ved?ntic view”. It is indeed very interesting.


[1] I agree with you that materialism-based science (our ancient C?rv?ka/Lok?yata view) cannot explain our subjective experiences. This is because it is not possible to create experiences from non-experiential matter. In materialism, matter is the fundamental and mind arises somehow. This has well known serious explanatory gap problem of materialism; most of us know that. You have done good job in providing critique on materialism.


[2] Your Ved?ntic view is “the origin of everything material and nonmaterial is sentient and absolute (unconditioned)”. In idealism, mind is the fundamental and matter-in-itself arises somehow. This idealism metaphysics includes singular/Advaita, ‘Organic Whole’ /‘primeval personal Absolute’/?di-Puru?a, and/or plurality of individuals. However, this idealism-based Ved?ntic view also has a serious problem. This problem is the reverse of materialism’s problem. In other words, it is unclear how to congeal matter-in-itself (not the appearance of matter) from non-material experiences (experimental aspect of consciousness).


[3] S??khya (interactive substance dualism: ISD) based Ved?ntic view has many problems; most serious is the association problem: how to associate a specific experience (such as redness) with correlated neurons (such as red-green neurons) or related neural-network. In ISD (S??khya), mind and matter both are fundamental but they can interact.


[4] The least problematic view is Vi?i???dvaita/‘Kashmir Shaivism’-based Ved?ntic view. I have extended it to the five-component extended Dual-Aspect Monism (eDAM: Dvi-Pak?a Advaita) framework (Vimal, 2008, 2010, 2013, 2015a, 2015b), which is briefly summarized in (Vimal & Bhardwaj, 2015). In the eDAM, mind and matter are the inseparable aspects of the same entity-state. You may like to look at short Sections 2.1 and 2.2 of (Vimal & Bhardwaj, 2015)

The arguments you provide in your article can be better explained via the eDAM framework. Tononi’s problematic materialistic and/or somewhat panpsychism-based IIT is re-interpreted in the eDAM framework in (Vimal, 2015c). In the eDAM:


(i) Materialism’s matter has dominant physical aspect and inseparable latent (potential form) mental/qualitative aspect,

(ii) Idealism’s mind has dominant mental aspect and inseparable latent (potential) physical aspect, and

(iii) ISD’s mind and matter are inseparable aspects of the same entity-state.

In other words, the unmanifested dual-aspect state of the primal entity (Brahman) has both aspects latent (in potential form). Its physical aspect started manifesting first after Big-Bang to evolve non-living systems (in over 13 billion years). Then its mental aspect started manifesting about 540 MYA. Thus, living system co-evolved and dependently co-arose (N?g?rjuna & Garfield, 1995; Vimal, 2009).


Please let me know your comments.


R?m Lakhan P?ndey Vimal, M.S., Ph.D.


Comments: Both Idealism and Realism are reductionistic concepts. Both try to reduce the reality to either mind or the external world respectively. The Vedantic idea (achintya-bheda-abheda-vada) is closer to the Hegelian conception that the Reality is Rational. It may be termed as Ideal Realism or Real Idealism. The in-itself of matter is a dependent being. It is dependent on the Being-in-itself of the Absolute. Only the Absolute is by itself and for itself or has a supremely independent Being in itself. Therefore Absolute is One and is Personal and is the Original non-dual Substance. At the same time it negates the being in itself of the many onto itself. But this negation does not mean annihilation, but it means everything exists or has a being for the satisfaction of the Absolute. Vedantic concept is not equal to idealism. The visista-advaita view is one of the important viewpoints in Vedanta. Big-Bang does not explain anything about the origin of life. Although there is a beginning of the universe and time in Vedantic view, the cause of this beginning is Sentient. Therefore life is not created by evolution of the universe. But life in the universe always came from pre-existing life.




Need is there to distinguish between intelligence (as a product of mind) and consciousness. It is under the presence of consciousness that mind (and brain) activates and produces intelligence and it is the consciousness which is the ultimate perceiver of mental activities. Similarly, at macro level, it is the ubiquitous consciousness which produces, activates and perceives matter and energy.


Pure material scientists propose the creation of both consciousness and intelligence by neuronal activities in brain. Spiritual Vedantic Scientists propose the existence of an ubiquitous consciousness which at micro level manifest in highest degree in human beings and in reducing degrees in other organism. But such scientists also believe in creation of mind (intelligence) thru neuronal activity in brain. Both are wrong in this regard.  Within human’s physical body, lies another body called Astral body (Suukshma Sharir or Linga Sharir) primary part of which is located in human brain.  Astral body is composed of matter and energy  (Tanmatras) about which modern scientists are not aware.  Astral Body is composed of elements Mana, Buddhi,  10 senses and 5 Tanmatras. Apart from Astral body, there exist another body called Causal  ( Kaaran Sharir) body in between astral body and consciousness. Causal body is primarily composed of two elements   Chitta and  Ahmkaara.


Mental activity ( intelligence) originates at astral level of Mana and Buddhi and terminates and manifest at brain level. Observed intelligence (mental function) is due to conjunction of Mana and  Buddhi (at astral bodily level) and brain at physical level. At the causal level at Chitta, seed (Samskaar) of mental activity is stored and Ahmkaar provides sense of “Ahmata” ) I-ness to bodily consciousness ( Jeevatma). All the three bodies viz Causal ( Kaarana), Astral ( Suukshma) and Physical ( Sthuula) activate due to signal from bodily consciousness and it is the consciousness which perceives the working of these three bodies. In view of above, apart from consciousness, there is need to properly appreciate the role and significance of astral and causal body while studying the mental activity and intelligence). Another aspect which have not been adequately highlighted. We are working on the hypothesis that life does exist at planet earth only. With more  than 200 billions stars in Milky way galaxy and  more than 100 billion galaxies in observable universe only, there is quite high probability that life might be existing at not one but many other places in universe. There is all the probability that consciousness might be manifesting in degrees much higher, than we human being on this planet, in life at some places in some corners of universe. In view of this, by merely observing the life pattern as available on this planet, we can’t generalize the evolution of life thru Darwinism or otherwise. Only He (ubiquitous consciousness) may know why and how He created diverse organism thru which bodily consciousness ( Jeevatma) undergoes spiritual evolution


Vinod Sehgal


Comments: Srila Bhakti Rakshaka Sridhar Maharaja explained that mind is the impulse which acts through the senses by which the soul comes to the conception of the external world. The soul becomes conscious of matter through the medium of the mind. Matter is produced from the subjective consciousness of the soul. The atman or the soul is the spiritual conception. The soul comes to the conception of the external world by a particular process. Mind is a thing that contains apathy and sympathy for the external world. We have to trace within us what that thing is. It is within us, and one has to enter into his own self and try to have some personal experience of what the mind is. Then by internal analysis one can try to come directly in touch with the faculty of judgment, reason, intelligence, by asking, “What is intelligence? Where is it within me?” We should try to find what is the source of the mind and intelligence? Thus in the Vedantic view there is some difference between mind and intelligence, although both arise out of the soul when the field of consciousness comes in contact with the material energy (external energy of the absolute – maha-maya).




Dear Sir,


I thank you about your nice e-mail, but my subject is Geophysics (with seismology branch). Let me know if are there any conference in your department or your college related my branch. with the best wishes,


Dr. Mohammad Kavei,

Member of faculty in Hormozgan University, Bandar Abbas, Iran.


Comments: Our institute’s name is Sri Chaitantya Saraswat Institute and we are working under Sripad Bhakti Madhava Puri Maharaja, PhD, the Serving Director of the Bhakti Vedanta Institute, Princeton, NJ, USA. We are holding ‘Science and Scientist’ annual conference services and the details can be found at:




Good analysis and coverage.

Vicechancellor nu




Dear Colleagues/ Friends


The paper below is an important contribution and the arguments for intrinsic purpose as opposed to extrinsic purpose are compelling. I have a couple of questions/ comments:


1. Why does the author(s) restrict the argument to the level of a bacterial cell? The isha upanishad that is quoted actually invokes atoms i.e. what we assume to be atoms in translation of the word ”anu”. It could also mean the smallest particle that can be conceptualized. eg.neutrino and so on.


2. Why does sentience have to be graded according to the physical image? It is logically inconsistent to argue that the bacterial cell is less sentient compared to human sentience. It can just mean that our ability to ”measure” what constitutes sentience is flawed.

For me it is logically more compelling to apply the above arguments to the whole system rather than to its parts (Considering the Universe as the system). Once we apply such arguments to the whole system many of the logical flaws fade away.  Pl. allow me to state an example: In the above arguments it is held that the human being is a separate entity and the bacterium is a separate entity and subsequently we are trying to apply the derived laws on them. This actually is akin to stating that some parts of a human body are sentient while other parts are not! On the other hand, there are thousands of bacteria in the human body and we are symbiotically dependent on them. Even the kind and variety of gut bacteria have been shown to affect our moods (can we think of it as sentience) and also physical health. The latter results have led to the proposal of forward thinking therapeutic approaches. best wishes


Dr. R. Ravishankar, Professor (ACSIR) & Senior Principal Scientist

Prof. G.N. Ramachandran Structural Biology lab, Molecular & Structural Biology Division, CSIR-Central Drug Research Institute, Lucknow -226031  (U.P), INDIA


Comments: The Vedantic teachings have to be learned under a qualified teacher. In Vedanta the source of everything is the Absolute sentient. But there are different kinds of energies. The material energy is called achit (non-congizant or insentient). The achit or the material energy is acting under the influence of the three material modes (satvarajas and tamas). But the living energy is called chit (Cognizant or sentient potency). The Chit potency (cognizant or the living  energy) is characterized by free will and desire. Therefore in the Vedantic view there is a difference between the living energy and matter. Life can never be produced from matter. anu does not always mean atom. anu means part and parcel. E.g. Upanishad explains God as brihat chetana or Supreme Consciousness and the living entity as anu-chetana or minute consciousness.


The body of the living entity which you are calling the physical image actually violates the laws of physics and chemistry. The body has to be explained from an organic conception. It is the inseparable unity of mind/body. Therefore according to the developed stage of consciousness there are differences in the abilities of the organisms. E.g. we as humans read books. But dogs cannot do so. Therefore the knowledge gaining capacities differ with respect to the form of the living organisms.


It is true that living organisms are inseparable from each other. The living entities and the environment are all dependent on each other as an organic network. Such ideas are also gaining in importance in modern biology. The environment is also an important aspect of the living organism. However, the living organisms have their individuality as well as knowing capacities, which the insentient environment however lacks. Uexkull explained that the living organisms have their internal world (umwelt) by which it continually interprets the external world. This very idea is the basis of Semiosis, which conceives that the difference between life and non-life is semiosis.




Dear Dr. Sankhyan,


Thank you for your interesting comments. When Darwin lived nothing was known about molecular biology and the story in Genesis while a lovely allegory was obviously a creation myth just as every culture has always had creation myths. So the idea of his, shared by his colleague Wallace, of rare random mutations that have a natural selection advantage had obvious merit and still does. In industrial London black moths had an obvious survival advantage over white moths for example. The problem arises when this one relatively small aspect of the evolutionary process gets overblown into the sole determinant of evolution. In the last decade or so the Epigenetic Revolution is changing the picture dramatically. Complex patterns of methyl and acetyl groups attached to DNA and the hIstone spools it is coiled around plus a host of small RNA factors alter gene expression in such a way that Behavioral tendencies are heritable over generations. So it is not longer a scientific fact that evolution is random. There are only about 20,000 genes that code for proteins yet there are a couple hundred thousand proteins in the human body in incredibly complex recursive arrangements that are also essential to catalyze their own chemical synthesis. So it is closed archetypal energy patterns that orchestrate the chemical synthesis in Cells as they relate to Organs according to the needs of the Host human being. It is these immensely complex non physical energy patterns that have taken three or four billion years to evolve operating behind the chemistry of the biosphere and the universe at large. The whole universe is an ever evolving process.


The simplest living cell is still immensely complex and there is no credible series of chemical accidents that could ever produce it. The most probable answer was provided by Svante Arrhenius in 1903 and taken up by Fred Hoyle and Chandra Wickramasinghe. Tiny bacterial and yeast spores are small enough to ride on the radiation pressure of starlight and there is evidence that they can survive the rigors of interstellar space. The theory is that there is an interstellar gene gene pool and that these spores are carried by comets into the inner solar systems where they can have a soft landing on planets conducive to organic life. The gene pool gets replenished by asteroid impact ejecta during the early life of planets and also by high altitude diffusion processes. There is also evidence that old heavy stars in galaxies are drawn back into black hole centers in galaxies and periodically re-ejected as primary hydrogen feed stock for new generations of stars. Some starburst galaxies are creating new stars at a rate sufficient to replace their entire stellar population in a few hundred million years or less, so it is must be a cyclical period process. The point is that life and solar systems are eternally regenerated and it is not necessary to postulate a beginning to space and time. There is much more on my website at Gravity, Quantum Relativity & System 3.


I hope this helps to clarify some of your concerns. I fully acknowledge Darwin’s contribution to science as far as it goes.


Best wishes,

Robert Campbell


Comments: Non-Darwinian alterations like transduction, natural-transformation, horizontal (lateral) DNA transfer, fused genomes (symbiogenesis) and so on are the example of a few cases, where genome alteration did not happen by gradual change and natural selection. Both Darwinian (gradual changes and ‘parent-to-progeny hereditary only’) and non-Darwinian alterations (rapid changes and transfer of genetic material among non-mating species) do occur frequently in nature, but they always produce only minor changes within species (microevolution). We cannot find a single case in the scientific literature where either Darwinian or non-Darwinian alterations successfully led to the appearance of novelty (macroevolution). Kuhn explained this in his article ‘Dissecting Darwinism’ (J. A. Kuhn, ‘Dissecting Darwinism’, Proc Bayl Univ Med Cent 25 (2012), 41–47):


‘In all fairness, there is convincing evidence, that is widely acknowledged, that random mutation and natural adaptation (Darwinian evolution) does occur within species, leading to minor changes in areas such as beak size, skin pigmentation, or antibiotic resistance. Some of these changes involve a simple biologic survival advantage for a population, without a mutation in DNA. Others might be influenced by a single deletion or insertion within the DNA strand. However, the modern evolution data do not convincingly support a transition from a fish to an amphibian, which would require a massive amount of new enzymes, protein systems, organ systems, chromosomes, and formation of new strands of specifically coding DNA. Even with thousands of billions of generations, experience shows that new complex biological features that require multiple mutations to confer a benefit do not arise by natural selection and random mutation. New genes are difficult to evolve. The bacteria do not form into other species.’




Not sure how this conversation came to me, but will comment… A singular definition of “life” makes no sense to me because it ignores that the word takes on different meanings according to an individual’s attitude and practice, for instance, if one is viewing the world with a scientific, spiritual, or poetic attitude (e.g., as described in my book The Scientific Attitude).





Fred Grinnell, Ph.D.

Robert McLemore Professor of Medical Science.

Department of Cell Biology

Ethics in Science and Medicine Program

UT Southwestern Med Ctr, Dallas, TX


Comments: The Vedantic definition of life is that wherever there is life there is consciousness and wherever there is consciousness there must be life. Hegel explained that living organisms are defined by the following three qualities. (1) Reciprocal relations between part and whole, i.e. all members are reciprocally momentary means as well as momentary ends. This is the principle of self-preservation, (2) the system of life needs assimilation from environment by which it maintains, develops and objectifies itself, and (3) reproduction, i.e. all organisms must also pursue self-preservation by reproduction by producing itself as another individual of the same species. Organism is organized to preserve itself through the activities of assimilation and reproduction. Hegel shows that this results in natural teleology – as a system of activities which is actualized into a system of organs through which those activities proceed. Apart from this Hegel also had an original contribution whereby he has shown by the dialectical logic that the concept of consciousness and infinity were similar. In this sense the concept of consciousness is quite different from that of space and matter.




Since my School days, I have never agreed with Evolution Theory and Monkey to Man route. Cockroaches are on this earth for 70 million years and Ants probably over 100 million years. They have not evolved into something different. They have stayed as Cockroaches and Ants. We see monkeys today and human beings also. Where are the intermediate products when both ends of this chain (!) are surviving today?


Adaptation to new environment within reasonable limit, for survival is acceptable. There is definitely a “God’s particle” in creating human beings.


Dr S D Limaye, Pune , INDIA


Comments: The God’s particle may not be a very good term on logical grounds. The idea of particle stresses the distinctive nature of the soul. But the soul also has an inseparable and dependent identity with God as a dependent being. Therefore the Vedantic terminology atman is the most appropriate term for soul.




Dear Sir,


I have very limited knowledge in this specific field of origin of life. However, I feel that there are three things which move this universe, matter, energy and space. For unit of life i.e. a living cell, scientists have been able to assemble the chemicals i.e. matter in right proportion, but there still remains the problem of flow of energy with respect to interstitial space. On our planet earth the energy flow is connected with oxygen (breathing) and that’s the difference between life and death. After death flow of energy stops even though matter remains. Matter (body; shareer) is only a platform on which the energy (Spirit; Atma) flows. The day this problem of flow of energy with respect to space over matter is solved, secret of life shall be unveiled. The first living cell would have been formed when the right amount of matter must have come in contact with right amount of energy in the right volume of space.


With best wishes,

Krishna Misra


Comments: These speculations about the origin of life have not been substantiated. We should study the nature of consciousness for explaining living organisms. The law of conservation of energy (one energy transform into another) cannot explain the origin of consciousness because it is not a result of material energy.




What is life can be determined quite concisely, but the answer took decades to formulate and may be difficult to understand for some. Darwinism assumptions are proven wrong simply by examining the necessary condition for evolution to occur.






Hi Tony:


Thank you for recommending Robert Rosen’s  LIFE ITSELF. The scholarly presentation was also, to my unscientific mind, also prohibitive, somewhat like my futile effort in trying to fully understand Einstein’s Theory of Relativity. I would like to read a  short synopsis of Dr. Rosen’s conclusions re What Is Life?  I accept the fact that life is an ineffable gift from our Creator, as are love, consciousness, our minds, our souls, our creativity, our lust for music and art, and our wonderful sense of beauty, the source of which, evolutionists have great difficulty explaining. These are the aspects of life I am interested in, as well as the miracles embodied in us, such as the ability to communicate with fellow human beings, and to see and hear, to experience pleasure in so may ways, just to name a few. I am convinced that some questions will never be answered, such as where the energy causing the Big Bang came from, where did our Creator come from, does the universe go on forever, how can something come from nothing (before the Big Bang) what in our brains actually does the seeing and the hearing, and so on…


My ebook A HEARTFELT THANK YOU TO MY INTELLIGENT DESIGNER available at Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing store ($2.99) is partly my payback for being given the wonderful Gift of Life. In it I express my feeling that:  God is the architect; evolution is the contractor.


Best wishes,


Frank Sganga


Comments: The intelligent designer argument has a problem in that it makes the design principle of the universe as well as living organism external to the being of the living organism. The Vedantic idea is therefore at variance with the ID argument.




Dear Colleagues,


In 1944 Irwin Schrodinger wrote in “What is Life” that life could not be explained by quantum and Newtonian mechanics. Further he said that in studying life we would find new laws of physics which would recognize that, “Living matter evades the decay to equilibrium.”  This challenge to find the “new physics” was accepted by Ilya Prigogine who in 1947 and the early 50′s and finally in 1967 defined non-equilibrium thermodynamics and the nature of dissipative structures. At last life had a fundamental physics which could explain the causal basis of the processes of biology. But it is a young science that has several off shoots based on the nature of information transfer and energetic transfer processes in sensory Ecology, chronobiology, systems biology, and of course, biothemodynamics. (Glaser 2013)  A good source for various applications in Biotic Systems is Aoki’s “Entropy Principle for the Development of Complex Biotic Systems”(2012)


The grounding of biological processes in lawful physics combined with Darwinian evolution makes natural processes and physicalism the philosophical basis of life. We now can address the great questions of philosophy with a physics which gives us causal processes for all the things of wonder with which we amaze and delight ourselves.  I believe humanity can begin to find we have much in common with the earth and each other through knowledge. Continue Amazement,


William M. Altenburg

Director of Research, Smarts Hill Laboratories


Comments: How do you deduce the origin of consciousness from lawful physics? The ant’s path on a graph sheet can’t be predicted from physics. Similarly free will and several problems like internal teleology are a problem for your idea.



Quantum coherence is a formal representation of the fact that we each, as observers, interact with one single system, our own personal “environment” or “world.”  This system is “quantum coherent” because its state is not separable: there are no boundaries within it that demarcate physically distinct systems that have their own physically well-defined states.  It is, instead, one entity in one “entangled” (= not separable, by definition) physical state.

We as observers impose boundaries on this boundary-less system.  This is just how our minds work.  We impose macroscopic boundaries around ordinary objects like cars and houses and other people, mesoscopic boundaries around biological cells, microtubules and other molecules, microscopic boundaries around atoms and electrons.  We have to do this to think and talk about them.  We can observe the emergence of these boundaries in the cognition of infants.  But all of these boundaries are physically meaningless.  The physics (the strong, weak, electromagnetic and gravitational interactions) does not care about these boundaries at all. The fundamental interactions don’t even see them (or at least, if they do then *all* of our current physics is wrong, and we have to start over from scratch with a completely different mathematical formalism).

So yes to Eddington and yes to Whitehead.  All we have are observational outcomes.  Numbers.  These numbers appear to refer to separate, bounded objects that are persistent through time.  That is how our minds work.  In fact they refer to our personal “environments,” the single, non-separable systems with which each of us, individually, interacts. Cheers,




Comments: How does Quantum Physics deduce consciousness? Do you think consciousness can be modeled based upon the quantum state wave functions? There is no actual evidence to show that life is a certain state of matter.




Life: quantum coherence in microtubules


With post-quantum back-reaction.


Jack Sarfatti


Comments: We would like to ask you, can consciousness be represented by the wave functions. In one of your talks on the youtube, you argue that the wave function is inherently mental. But if that is so some questions arise. According to Vedanta material energy is unconscious, consciousness is a field and the soul is knower of the field of consciousness. So when the field of consciousness comes under the influence of material energy (which is active under the three modes of material nature), intelligence, mind and ego arise. When consciousness comes to experience matter it must pass through first a hazy phase and that is called cidabhasa. Therefore it is expressed as particular attitudes of mind as well as dhriti (associations or convictions) etc. Thus consciousness is not a result of the material energy but can be transformed by it. Moreover, consciousness follows the logic of the organic whole. The variegated aspects of consciousness are not sum over parts or analytic derivatives. Thus how much can the quantum wave functions which are the basis for formulating the quantum theory represent consciousness or deduce it even after including the need for back-reactions, which indeed must lead the theory to a series of back reactions.




Life itself is the culmination of the chemical action, argues some scientists.  May be.  What about the work of the mind?  And is it a coincidence that some brains are much superior to others?  Are we sure of the hereditary factors?  Can such things be created artificially?  Instead of hypothesis, we need clear facts






It just occurred to me – what i just wrote in my halting, awkward language is really just an attempt to say what Sri Aurobindo has said in an infinitely better way. Here’s what I meant (this is from “Letters on Yoga” – it was a response to a letter from Sri Krishna Prem that was sent to Sri Aurobindo by his classical music/vocalist disciple, Dilip Kumar Roy. Prem predicted (this was in the 1930s – Prem had been something of a “science prodigy” as a child growing up in England prior to World War I) that as long as scientists confined their observations to sense data which was then subjected to the analysis of the logical intellect (leavened by whatever minimal intuition shone through) that science would remain utterly stuck and never get to “Reality.”


Prem specifically said that scientists remain on the “horizontal” plane of phenomenal process, and hardly even the full range of that but only the most superficial, sensory/physical data, hardly even reaching into the subtler levels of Reality.  Prem concluded by saying that one simply becomes like the snake chasing its tail, as long as one remains on the plane of effect.  One can only get to true causation by taking what he metaphorically referred to a “90 degree turn” into the depths  (and/or heights!) of Divine Reality. Sri Aurobindo responded:(the bold, italicized emphasis is mine – to “enter into the consciousness of the Magician” is the beginning of true Knowledge and hence, true Science – by the way, you can find this on the net just by searching “Sri Aurobindo + bagatelle” – kind of sums it all up:>)))


A distinction, the distinction very keenly made here, between the plane of phenomenal process, of externalized Prakriti, and the plane of Divine Reality ranks among the first words of the inner wisdom. The turn given to it in these pages is not merely an ingenious explanation; it expresses very soundly one of the clear certainties you meet when you step across the border and look at the outer world from the standing-ground of the inner spiritual experience. The more you go inward or upward, the more the view of things changes and the outer knowledge Science organizes takes its real and very limited place. Science, like most mental and external knowledge, gives you only truth of process.  I would add that it cannot give you even the whole truth of process; for you seize some of the ponderables, but miss the all-important imponderables; you get, hardly even the how, but the conditions under which things happen in Nature. After all the triumphs and marvels of Science the explaining principle, the rationale, the significance of the whole is left as dark, as mysterious and even more mysterious than ever. The scheme it has built up of the evolution not only of this rich and vast and variegated material world, but of life and consciousness and mind and their workings out of a brute mass of electrons, identical and varied only in arrangement and number, is an irrational magic more baffling than any the most mystic imagination could conceive. Science in the end lands us in a paradox effectuated, an organised and rigidly determined accident, an impossibility that has somehow happened,– it has shown us a new, a material Maya, agha?ana-gha?ana-pa??yas?, very clever at bringing about the impossible, a miracle that cannot logically be and yet somehow is there actual, irresistibly organised, but still irrational and inexplicable. And this is evidently because Science has missed something essential; it has seen and scrutinised what has happened and in a way how it has happened, but it has shut its eyes to something that made this impossible possible, something it is there to express. There is no fundamental significance in things if you miss the Divine Reality; for you remain embedded in a huge surface crust of manageable and utilisable appearance. It is the magic of the Magician you are trying to analyse, but only when you enter into the consciousness of the Magician himself can you begin to experience the true origination, significance and circles of the Lila. I say “begin” because the Divine Reality is not so simple that at the first touch you can know all of it or put it into a single formula; it is the Infinite and opens before you an infinite knowledge to which all Science put together is a bagatelle. But still you do touch the essential, the eternal behind things and in the light of That all begins to be profoundly luminous, intimately intelligible.


Don Salmon






Life can be defined as a “system of information processing that is self-aware”. Cell or a corpse is dead when a system of information processing stopped working (no exchange of information between cells, no memory, no imagination, no perception etc.) This definition is broad enough to apply to plants, cell cultures, living organisms, ecosystems and the entire Universe.




Comments: Self-awareness is definitely unique to life.




At least part of the problem is the fact that evolutionary biology, as it is taught in many schools, colleges and even universities, is far too simplistic.  Natural selection, as pioneered by Darwin, remains at the very heart of it. But other key mechanisms – for example the mechanisms that give rise to genetic and genomic change – are often dumbed down as “mutation”, when mutation is only one of these, and perhaps not the most important of these.  Other mechanisms that we now readily detect in genomes include hybridogenesis (perhaps most powerful in the first half million years of divergence between would be separate species), genetic symbiosis (mitochondria, plastids, endogenous retroviruses, phage viruses in relation to bacterial hosts, etc), epigenetic inheritance systems.


When you begin to study the interaction of all these with natural selection, it isn’t so very difficult to perceive how life could, and did, arise from inanimate chemicals.  One is also made startlingly aware that all of these mechanisms helped to create the human genome – are still very actively involved in our ongoing evolution.


Frank Ryan – author of The Mysterious World of the Human Genome


Comments: The problem of Abiogenesis has not yet been solved. You presume that life came from matter. Why don’t you consider just the opposite that ‘Matter comes from Life’?




Dear Dr Sankhyan and colleagues interested in “What is Life?”


As to your questions: “How do you define life? How a living cell is different from a dead cell? What is the difference between a person immediately before and immediately after his death?” My answers to all these questions will be published in a next issue of Communicative & Integrative Biology under the title: “How to deduce and teach the logical and unambiguous answer, namely L = Sum C,  to “What is Life?”  using the principles of communication?  Author: Arnold De Loof


The essence of my approach is that all living matter is organized as sender-receiver compartments that incessantly handle information (= communicate) thereby solving problems. ‘Death’ ensues when a given sender-receiver compartment irreversibly (to exclude regeneration) loses its ability to handle information at its highest level of compartmental organization. What happens with the lower levels (if present) is irrelevant. Life sounds like a noun but it is an activity, thus a verb. The verb ‘Life’ denotes nothing else than the total sum of all acts of communication executed at moment t by a sender-receiver at all its levels of compartmental organization. There are many aspects to communication, e.g. defining ‘information’, bringing order in the multitude of levels of compartmental organization, the nature of the immaterial dimension of life etc. This definition of Life harbors the possibility to introduce a novel paradigm in evolutionary theory. All the best,


Arnold De Loof


Comments: Indeed you make a number of interesting points. E.g. that life is an activity, the communicative paradigm as well as the compartmentalization. Yet the essence of all these processes is that life is a cognitive activity. Therefore origin of life and evolution must consider the cognitive concept of life before coming to any immature materialistic concepts like abiogenesis and randomness.






If science has no access to reality, who does? Consciousness itself? Does science having no access to reality imply that reality is indescribable? Thank you


Syamala Hari




As far as the need for postulating an intelligence which is necessary for life to emerge and evolve, you all need to read Stephen Meyer’s work. He coherently explains why DNA could not evolve naturally and why evolution based on genetic change must have a guiding intelligence. Michael Behe’s work is also significant here.






I found two concepts of matter (Vimal, 2015a):


1. First is the Y?jñavalkya-B?dar?ya?a-Aristotle’s concept, where matter has a r?pa/form and the potentiality for experiences.


2. Second the Ka??da-Democritus’ concept, where matter is made up of atoms or a particle that implies matter is non-experiential.


This latter concept has been used in all sciences such as physics, chemistry, and biology. This has ended up as the ‘hard problem of consciousness’ (Chalmers, 1995) because it does not explain about life, especially how experiences arise from non-experiential matter. The frameworks, such as the extended Dual-Aspect Monism, that follow first concept of matter do not face such problems (Vimal, 2015a).


R?m Lakhan P?ndey Vimal, Ph.D.




I disagree strongly. Here is why. Agreed classical physics reductionism is simplistic and has serious limits.


However, quantum entanglement (actually pioneered by Schrodinger and Einstein) changes the game. It was too early for Schrodinger back then to connect quantum entanglement to biology. Even beyond quantum entanglement is post-quantum theory only now emerging. Your knowledge of recent relevant progress in the physics of life and consciousness is not up to date.


Jack Sarfattti in reply to Jeremy Christian:


I find this to be a vitally important and infinitely fascinating discussion that I’ve engaged in many times. Life is the component that most humbles us. In this age of science and empirical certainty, life remains a mystery to us. More than simply animating biological creatures, it’s driven and purposeful. Compelled to live and thrive and by dreams and aspirations. Yet all of the causes that manifest in these behaviors remain totally invisible to us scientifically. It’s often dismissed as being behavior born of physical processes in the brain still too complex to comprehend. But there’s a fundamental disconnect between the behaviors of life and the mechanistic explanations we insist on. Scientifically, medically, we only really get biology physically and mechanistically. What life itself is we don’t know. There’s no discernible difference between a living and dead body. We can only determine death by the lack of the physical behaviors associated with something that is alive. Life and the mind are the two components that most signify that not all that exists in reality is within the realm of the physical sciences, despite our insistence to frame them in that regard. They don’t fit the mechanistic mold we’re trying to force them into. Machines compelled only by natural processes don’t generally have desires and preferences. Natural law alone dictates how things behave, except where life is concerned. It seems to play by a different set of rules. Which of course ways right into the topic of free will. If the mind and consciousness, a living being, is nothing more than mechanics, then we can be nothing more than passive observers in a purely determined form. We certainly hold each other accountable for our actions as if they are deliberately, willfully caused, but the real truth behind the reality we insist on is that that cannot actually be true. All matter is ruled by the natural sciences. Our brains cannot be an exception. There cannot be a willful diversion or manipulation of how the physical matter of our brains behave.


It’s in this regard that I find the knee jerk reaction of placing the formation of these behaviors in the vernacular of evolution. Without any sort of physical evidence we assume that behaviors consistent with the will to live as being the result of random mutations that ultimately proved beneficial. It makes sense that anything born with the trait that compels it to live would be more successful at living than those who do not, but there in lies the problem. It’s still an assumption that insists of mechanistic processes alone. Machinery honed through the progression of evolution. It would seem truly anything can be placed in that frame of random mutation and beneficial and fabricate a perfectly reasonable sounding explanation. That logic seem faulty to me considering all we do know about life and the mind. It seems to me the behaviors and characteristics should be much more recognizable as purely mechanistic if this were true. It would seem the obvious conclusion is that in these arenas we’re dealing with something that doesn’t purely adhere to physical laws as we know them. Good discussion.


Jeremy Christian




On Thursday, October 15, 2015 at 7:39:16 PM UTC+5:30, Editors wrote:

Recently one of our paper entitled “Life and Consciousness – The Ved?ntic View” has been published in the Journal Communicative & Integrative Biology. A part of this paper was previously posted to this forum.




Life and Consciousness – The Ved?ntic View

Journal: Communicative & Integrative Biology (Read Paper as: HTML || PDF)
Publication date – 26 Oct 2015 (Online)
Author:  Bhakti Niskama Shanta (ORCID-0000-0002-2039-3249)










Summary (Bhakti Niskama Shanta (2015) Life and consciousness – The Ved?ntic view,Communicative & Integrative Biology, 8:5, e1085138; DOI: 10.1080/19420889.2015.1085138):


This paper serves as a critique to the ontological view of the organism as a complex machine. In the seventeenth century, the French philosopher René Descartes claimed that only the human body has a soul, and all other organisms are mere automatons made of meat and bones. Influenced by such a line of thought, most of the scientists were also thinking that only humans are conscious and all other creatures are not. Based on empirical evidence, our published paper presents a case for ubiquity of consciousness in all living organisms. Not only the unicellular organisms (say, bacteria) display cognitive behavior, but that even individual cells in the multicellular organisms exhibit individual cognitive behavior. The scientific confirmation of the existence of consciousness in unicellular organisms and plants certainly establishes that the brain is not the source of consciousness. In modern science, it is generally assumed that matter existed before the universe came to be. However, the dominant materialistic or reductionistic view in modern science cannot explain how matter acquired cognitive features like thinking, feeling and willing. A reductionistic analysis is just a pretension to study life, but in actuality it only deals with the study of dead matter, which is devoid of consciousness. In our paper we termed such types of studies in science as abiology, because a study devoid of cognitive analysis of reality is not a biology proper. On the other hand, the Ved?ntic view states that the origin of everything material and non material is sentient and absolute (unconditioned). Thus, sentient life is primitive and reproductive of itself – omne vivum ex vivo – life comes from life. This is the scientifically verified law of experience. Life is essentially cognitive and conscious. And, consciousness, which is fundamental, manifests itself in the gradational forms of all sentient and insentient nature.


Even though in both artifacts (machines) and living organisms, the ends are determined by purpose (a cognitive act), the difference is that in the case of artifacts, the purpose (designer) is outside the system (external teleology), and in the case of a living organism, the purpose is within (internal teleology). Following a linear logic in the case of artifacts, parts are produced and combined into a whole by the designer. On the other hand, following a circular logic, the body of the living organism appears from another living organism by a developmental process (cell division) and not by the linear accumulation of parts – design. Therefore, proposals like “artificial life”, “artificial intelligence”, “sentient machines” and so on are only fairytales because no designer can produce an artifact with the properties like internal teleology (Naturzweck) and formative force (bildende Kraft). In other words, a machine will never do things for its own internal purpose and it cannot build itself. Although the attempt towards mechanization of nature served as an important driving force behind the scientific revolution, it also unfortunately created an image of a clockwork universe set in motion by an intelligent first cause. Such machine analogy is also applied to living organisms. However, the view that a supernatural being, God, is external to living organisms and that He imposes form on matter from the outside (intelligent design) is also reductionistic, and shows a logical fallacy. The logic of extrinsically purposive systems (machines) cannot be applied to intrinsically purposive systems (living organisms). The Ved?ntic view offers a scientific alternative (The invocation of ?r? ??opani?ad provides the concept of ‘Organic Wholism’: om? p?rn?am adah? p?rn?am idam? p?rn??t p?rn?am udacyate p?rn?asya p?rn?am ?d?ya p?rn?am ev?va?is?yate): “‘Organic Wholes’ produces ‘organic wholes’ and an ‘organic whole’ cannot arise from parts that have to be mechanically assembled. The process of externally assembling parts can only produce inorganic, mechanical machines or chemical processes, not living organisms.” Empirical evidence shows that every living cell comes from a living cell and there is no single evidence that shows a case where a living cell appears from the external assembly/accumulation of biomolecules. According to Ved?nta: “janm?dy asya yata?” – the origin of everything is “abhijña? svar??” – the unitary Supreme Cognizant Being. Twenty first century biology teaches us that we should not inflict our ideas on nature; let nature reveal herself to us.


The rapid progress in molecular and cellular biology is becoming more and more incompatible to Darwinian line of thinking and thus offering challenges from various angles to refute the core of Darwinism. In Darwinism, organisms are often assumed as optimally designed machines blindly engineered by natural selection. However, the cognitive view of life in 21st Century offers a significant challenge to this blind presumption. Living organisms exhibit many overtly noticeable goal-oriented or teleological activities (self-determination, self-formation, self-preservation, self-reproduction, self-restitution and so on), which make them distinct from insentient mechanical and chemical systems. Darwin’s Origin of Speciesinvokes natural selection to explain the goal-driven activities of the living organisms, but the Darwinist insists that random mutations are exclusively responsible for the gradual but steady appearance of more complicated organisms. This irrational inability to scientifically explain how novel body types arise in study of life and its evolution is the major deficiency of Darwinism. In contrast to the idea of objective evolution of bodies, as envisioned by Darwin and followers, Ved?nta advocates the idea of subjective evolution of consciousness as the developing principle of the world. In Ved?nta, the reincarnation theory is based on the subjective evolution of consciousness and the Darwinian objective evolution theory of bodies is a perverted representation of this ancient wisdom. In Darwinism, evolution means transformation of bodies, and in Ved?ntic view evolution means transformation of consciousness. In this paper, an attempt has been made to highlight a few relevant developments supporting a sentient view of life in scientific research, which has caused a paradigm shift in our understanding of life and its origin.



Full text HTML


Bhakti Niskama Shanta (2015) Life and consciousness – The Ved?ntic view, Communicative & Integrative Biology, 8:5, e1085138; DOI:

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‘Presstitutes’-comments by C.Venkataramanaiah

‘Presstitutes’-a word as a product of institutional friction-for good or bad? Visit the link below:

My comments:

There was/is widespread institutional collusion in India.Politicians and their institutions namely legislature and executive undergo public scrutiny every five years through election process.There is no such scrutiny for media/press and judiciary.The powers of media/press may be to the extent of informing the public and investigating agencies/public by providing information.If this information is given out with malafide intentions &/ for aggrandizement purposes,the purpose of free press/free media is defeated as envisaged in the constitution.Press is given freedom for public good.When this public good is in question,press/media must be made accountable.But there is no direct mechanism to make press/media accountable.They say self regulation which seems to be non-existent by and large.It is very difficult to publish genuine innovative articles in the present press by new comers.All editorials  by and large seem to come with motivated agenda and not for public good most of the time.Since public good is a vague term,it becomes incumbent on the ruling class  in all four pillars of democracy(legislature,executive,judiciary and press/media) to behave and conduct themselves ethically,accountably for public good which may be a tall order  given the present materialist consumerism in society.So what is the way out?Normally if there is no friction between four pillars of democracy,one can smell that there is something wrong happening and the muck is accumulating. In any healthy democracy,friction between institutions is a must.It is one of  the main clinical parameters to gauge the health of a democracy.But too much friction will lead to confrontation and that will be counter-productive. To lead  such institutions nation  needs educated,wise,ethical and knowledgeable persons which seem to be a rare commodity in society now.More than that –to lead the nation balancing all four pillars of democracy and institutions of monitoring and accountability, the nation truly needs a committed visionary who is well educated,wise,ethical and knowledgeable.Is it possible to get such a person in India now,given the institutional culture of promoting progeny for all top posts irrespective of capability/merit?It can not be an over-night phenomenon.Suitable conditions should prevail in the nation over a long period to nurture such leadership/leaders with attendant institutional mechanisms of competition and co-operation-which is substantially lacking now.

At least with some good friction generated over the last 2/3 years has given raise to exposing press/media collusive aggrandizement behaviour  against public good  by tape scandals like Nira Radia tapes and Tarun Tejpal episode etc.. Now an honest retired general(presently a union minister ) coined the word ‘presstitutes’ which may mean many things to many people  but it  clearly indicates  that press/media is not above board  and they better behave ethically and accountably before pointing accusing fingers at others.The coinage  of the word ‘presstitutes’ would not have at any better time.Healthy friction must be nurtured for a healthy democracy.Thanks to social media.Of course all this discussion owe it’s origin to  people’s free media namely-internet. Any takers please? For some connecting material, pl read

Venkataramanaiah Chekuru




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PATH FOR WORLD PEACE by Venkataramanaiah Chekuru


Two distinct perspectives seem to be very clear for human beings namely 1.materialism and 2.spiritualism.Materialism is clearly represented by universal scientific method with matter as the basis. Spiritualism is inwardly ‘truth’ with clear visibility/perception to some and vaguely visible/perceptible to many in varying degrees –of the complex ‘totality’.Different cultures/religions seem to have different perceptions/visibility with different materialist symbols/notions of the seemingly same incomprehensible source. All driving/travelling towards the ‘holistic total’ with the hope of finding meaning,happiness/wellness,peace and harmony herein and salvation/moksha/mukti here after for believers.If human beings can not find meaning,peace,harmony&happiness/wellness here on earth,thinking of salvation/moksha/mukti else where may become difficult,meaningless and incomprehensible as at least human beings are somewhat clear while living life or can become clear/some what with ‘effort’?So main tests for religions/societies are:1.whether the citizens are generally happy,peaceful,brotherly and 2.whether society in general has less(or may be insignificant) of -suicides,murders,domestic violence,crimes,thefts,communal fights and more of good standard of living-monitored statistically on a continuous basis looking/projecting into future.After all knowledge&wisdom is about social good/public good/sakala loka kalyanam may be resulting in peace&harmony for all life processes.

Though approaches may be different,all paths/methods(materialism,different spiritual approaches or their combined approaches) seem to search for the ‘holistic truth’-understanding of which may help  resulting in universal peace,harmony,justice&development for humans,communities,nations and life in general.It is time to reflect,understand,co-operate,govern better and live together first  here on earth  peacefully and then/simultaneously firmly taking up ‘adventurism’ in a guarded/accountable way?For we are sure of earth.This perspective seems to be the need of the hour.

An analysis of the state of world affairs,world’s present ‘Rudderlessness’ and the reasons for innovative approach to find solutions is given in the link below:


Venkataramanaiah Chekuru





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My experience as a mentor- A case study by C.Venkataramanaiah

My experience as a mentor- A case study by C.Venkataramanaiah


I am C.Venkataramanaiah. My qualifications are 1. Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication Engineering -passed out in 1973 with gold medal and university first from the Andhra University, Andhra Pradesh and 2. M.B.A/ PGDM- first batch(1974-1976) from the Indian Institute Of Management ,Bangalore.

With remote rural background from a family of illiterate marginal farmers- my life journey has been exiting from the beginning. I was first ranker in school days, school ACC leader commanding the entire school of about 300 students and school pupils leader. During high school days- 1. I scripted and played a drama titled – guru- shishya – myself playing the role of shishya, 2. conducted mass drill before the inspectorate , 3. organised strikes on moral and social issues, 4. assisted the tuition master by teaching mathematics to 8th class students in lieu of free tuition for my 9th class and was very active as a mentor to a number students. At any time about 6 to 12 students used to be with me co- studying and taking guidance during the school days.

During my days at Engineering college , many of my classmates and juniors used to come to me for doubts clearance and advice. After passing out my M.B.A in 1976 , worked in KELTRON ( Kerala State Electronic Development Corporation Ltd) in various functional areas and gained some good practical experience while contributing innovatively . I joined APEDC( Andhra Pradesh Electronic Development Corporation Ltd) in 1982 as one among the first batch of employees in starting the activities of APEDC. I conceived the marketing assistance programme and implemented from scratch resulting in receipt of DP Agarwal Rolling Trophy for 1987 for outstanding performance as given in the citation shown in the link-APEL awards:

During my period of working in APEL, mentored a number of entrepreneurs in -(1).how to start a company, (2) quality control and (3) PPC. The corporate brand- APEL was promoted by me most cost effectively along with promoting about half a dozen colour and black and white TV product brands.

Left APEL in 2000 for joining Micronet Technologies Ltd ,a subsidiary of MIC Electronics Ltd as Vice President-in-charge . Later joined MIC Electronics Ltd as Vice President(Corporate Management&HRD) in 2003 and streamlined HR activities from scratch besides taking lead in helping the company in getting Rs 4 crores of soft loan @5% interest for productionising live LED display technology from Technology Development Board (TDB), Govt of India. This was a major fund induction in turning the company from about Rs. 12 crores company(2004) to about Rs. 400 crores turnover company(in 2010). Mentored&/advised the promoter MD(who is a first generation technocrat entrepreneur) on many issues in HRM, vision and corporate governance. Conceived and started MIC Tech Center in 2004 and mentored hundreds of students in their projects and career counselling. While working at MIC Tech Center as a part time director joined Chadalavada Infratech Ltd as an outsourced president/retainer in 2007. Here most of my job was mentoring. The promoter MD is a first generation entrepreneur with less qualifications and very little experience in corporate management. Basically they were contractors. I mentored the promoter MD on almost all areas – HRM, Project finance, administration, legal, systems development etc. From about 30 employees we made it a 500 employees company with operations all over India. From Rs 7crores in 2006 working capital was enhanced to Rs 243 crores in 2010. The turnover improved from about Rs. 35 crores in 2007 to about Rs. 200 crores in 2010. I retired from active professional industry life in 2011 and running CVR Synergy Management Services which was started in 2006. My entire personal and professional profile can be seen in the link:

During 1973 I worked in Space Applicaton Centre, Ahmedabad for a brief period of about 8 months and then joined M.Tech( computer sciences) at IIT- Madras in 1974. Though I was a strong science and maths student , something was telling me inside that this course will not clarify my doubts about life. So when I got admission in IIM Bangalore, after going through the course curriculum , I was convinced that the course will be useful as some of the courses in social sciences like psychology, economics and managing methods/management that were offered in the M.B.A/ PGDM Programme may help me understand issues to clear my doubts on various personal and intellectual issues. Thus leaving M.Tech ( computer sciences) course at IIT, Madras, I joined IIM, Bangalore in October 1974 as one among the 49 students of the first batch.

Management education was really interesting and became a good tool in my laterday life. Having passed M.B.A with good grades( no GPA was given at that time), I joined KELTRON in 1976. Those were very turbulent political days in India. That had a strong bearing on my life. After learning many concepts at IIMB, I was more confused in my professional and personal life during the late 70’s unable to balance practical reality with theory which I learnt. During 1979 or so I had some sort of extra-sensory experiences- perhaps initiation to spirituality . I came to
Andhra Pradesh joined APEDC in 1982. But my professional and personal sides of life became very complex with many unbearable difficulties. But I managed my life most effectively under trying circumstances not hurting anybody in my personal and professional life making everybody associated with me succeed professionally and personally. During late 80’s and during 90’s I went through some extra-ordinary and extra-sensory experiences and learnt –studying myself and society from different perspectives – materialist and spiritualist sides. The origin of such perspective got generated within myself –with my inside experiences getting juxtaposed with my academic learning and my practical experiences in all areas observed and learnt. During 2010 I could experience a great feeling of connecting and seeing things in many different perspectives while being solidly aware and effective in the physical world. The word- materialismspiritualism -was coined by me out of my internal experience and as a tool to clarify my doubts as well as a theoretical / philosophical tool . Later during 2010, I came in contact with internet postings and read that materialist spiritualist angle was mentioned/articulated by Swami Vivekananda.

During 2002 after observing my professional life, I had to make a choice between Saraswati (knowledge) and Lakshmi (wealth). I had created many seats- i.e. departments/ activities but they were grabbed by powerful people as per their convenience and comfort. So I chose Saraswati(knowledge) as it is difficult for anybody to grab a real seat of learning with original innovative knowledge.I formally registered MATERIALIST SPIRITUALIST MISSION TRUST on 11 June, 2003 as a public charitable trust to take forward my intellectual pursuits.Plato and his academy were real inspiration as he saw great threat to his life for his up-right views in those days. I saw great discouragement and leg pulling from a number of my co-Indian intellectuals in India, but I found some good encouragement and endorsement from top US intellectuals like Dr.William E Halal and Swiss Business Club etc .Please visit ‘Feedback’ for more details.



My experience in professional and personal life gave me some good expertise to address social,professional and personal issues even if they are difficult. Thus the language used in the website is with a punch and no compromises are made as far as possible. Having experienced my life multi-dimensionally in professional , social and personal arenas with unique success and success of those including organisations associated with me under my mentorship( as long as they listened to me),I realised that this knowledge and wisdom is useful to society at individual,community, national and international levels .Hence the objectives of the trust. Please visit ‘objectives&Activities’ in the link:

Having gained overall experience and perspectives, I dwelt on many issues in many areas like- Governance, Economics, Management, Spirituality, Politics, Systems and Processes, Culture,Science and Technology,Vision- by writing articles/messages and also by writing commentary on articles published in the internet- in the Website&Blog therein(for postings after 19-06-2011): There seems to be subtle appreciation from all around the world on many of my views from some good number of persons/agencies though many have not come in open support/appreciation. It seems the views, ideas and association with me are useful- as guidance and as good omen for those who believe in it.

My journey of mentoring/open advice in the open world is continuing with no guarantees/assurances from the world that counts- national/ international. All with my own funds and no revenue so far. I consider this activity(MSMT) as my best knowledge shramadan ( donation of knowledge) for PUBLIC GOOD / SAKALA LOKA KALYANAM as a tribute to my parents, teachers and all those who made me travel so far successfully.



A. Academic achievements:

1.Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics and Communication Engineering with university first and gold medal in 1973 from the Andhra university. Class first through out from 9th class to B.E final year.

2.M.B.A/PGDM from the Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore-first batch(1974-1976)

3.Merit scholarship holder from 9th class to M.B.A final year.

4.Mentored many co-students from school days to college/graduation days.

B. Professional achievements:

1.Received DP Agarwal Rolling Trophy for 1987 from the Federation of Andhra Pradesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

2.Shortlisted for ‘marketing man of the year’ award for 1988 by Institute of Marketing and Management (IMM), New Delhi.

3.Given management development programmes at IPE (Institute of Public Enterprise), Hyderabad (my part) to four batches of Indian Administrative Service(IAS) officers numbering about 100 at the level of Vice Chairmen&Managing Directors.

4. Taught M.B.A /M.Tech programmes at IPE and JNTU

5.Given MDPs to a number of senior executives from private and public sector at IPE during 80’s.

Achievements in mentoring:

1. Mentored many entrepreneurs numbering about 45 in starting and running their businesses as officer of APEDC and as a director on the boards of some of the companies. I gave mentoring in the functional areas of marketing , quality control, PPC, materials management etc. at some depth.Pl visit Citation part in APEL AWRADS link in:

2. Mentored and advised promoter MD of MIC Electronics Ltd,a first generation technocrat entrepreneur- in many areas like HRM,administration, project finance, vision etc. Took lead in procuring Rs. 4 crores soft loan @ 5% interest from Technology Development Board , Govt of India for productionising live LED boards technology.

3.Mentored hundreds of engineering students in projects,soft&professional skills and career counselling at MIC Tech Center ( about 900 students per year were trained at MIC Tech Center).

4. Mentored promoter MD of Chadalavada Infratech Ltd,a first generation entrepreneur from rural background- in all most all areas – HRM, administration, project finance, corporate management, systems and some of his personal matters. (employee strength/recruitment increased from 30 employees in 2007 to about 500 employees in 2010 and working capital increased from about Rs. 7 crores in 2006 to Rs. 243 crores in 2010).

C. Personal side:

1.From my humble background with not much experience&exposure in personal matters- three of my children are post graduates(MS/MBA) in U.S.A and Canada and working there. Bought up the family as father , mother and teacher under trying circumstances – performing all the roles.

2.Constructed a three storied building and acquired some reasonable property in the best possible transparent way even as a govt employee.

3.Performed marriages of all four children in a decent way under trying circumstances with some/ reasonable resources.

4.Mentored all four children in very difficult situations in many of their personal and professional matters and added my bit to their success- whatever it is?

5.Mentored many relatives and their children to success-my bit of effective contribution.

6.Mentored many co- employees/sub-ordinates in solving their personal problems including financial issues.



- career counselling

-happy married life- marital issues

- decision on marriage and selecting a would be spouse

- planning children&parenting

- children education& career

- relationship with spouse and children

- family income and property creation

- inter & intra-personal relations for effectiveness

- life conflict resolutions

- happiness&wellness

- making peace with yourself for effectiveness and harmonious life

- understanding/realising self

-managing emotions/behaviour(including abnormal behaviour)-self&others- for effectiveness




1.Mentoring/advisory services/ consulting in the areas of

- Starting a business

- Project finance

-Managing business/ Management consulting

-Marketing/ Sales/Brand Creation&promotion

-Human Resource Management and Organisation Development


- Administration and legal

- Project management




- Wireless internet

-Electrical infrastructure industry

C)SOCIETAL:ADVICE/ MENTORING/CONSULTING-expertise available for making-

-Vision for humanity –global

-Vision for a nation

-Vision at state and regional level

- Roadmaps at global, national and regional levels under the given vision

-Reduction of conflicts at global, national and regional levels.

-Expertise/ in giving advice for creating harmonious , peaceful, synergic organisations with justice (least frictions)and dynamic development –at global/national/regional level.


NICHE AREAS for MENTORING/Advice-expertise available:

1.Persoanal side:

-Happy married life


-Career selection and growth planning

-Making peace with yourself for effectiveness and harmonious life

-Understanding/realising self

-Personal strategy

2.Organisational side:

-Preparing vision for organisation

-Business strategy

-Organisational strategy


-Preparing global vision for –peace,harmony,synergy,justice and development

-National vision preparation


Venkataramanaiah Chekuru


Some good connected useful links:

1.On personal&professional side:

2.On MSMT trust/societal side:







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Dehavahanam(instrument of human body behaviour) from Eanadu with my comments

Dehavahanam-(instrument of human body behaviour)-article in Eanadu dated 18-01-2014

Please visit the link below(in Telugu) and my commentary:

This is an Indian approach to understand behaviour.It deals with behaviour from childhood until death.It is an internal perspective i.e. inward looking approach and is essentially a subjective approach and individual centric and is ultimately connected to the cosmic all pervading paramatman/cosmic consciousness.While Western approach to understand behaviour is predominantly external and hence objective data based and comparative with group members.While Western approach is useful for universal external data based acceptability,it has it’s own severe limitations at higher levels especially deeper conscious level.In Western method behaviour correction is predominantly drug and counselling based by monitoring external parameters.It has it’s own limitations as seen from the pain and despair world over in terms of suicides,depression,rapes,murders,human trafficking and other anti-social behaviour/activity so obviously visible around the globe in all societies.

The Indian approach to understand behaviour is based on internal observation and through internally calibrated parameters which are explained in this link.The parameters are discussed and passed on to disciples by gurus(masters).As external parameters are not available in the form of objective data verifiable in a laboratory,it can not be passed on to disciples/students in a classroom teaching in the way it is happening now.It is basically a master-disciple approach.It has it’s own strengths in understanding behaviour.This approach if used properly -offers many solutions to reduce despair and pain around the globe by reducing/minimising suicides,rapes,murders and other anti-social behaviour-if adequate time,resources and expertise are put in the effort.Unfortunately this method is neglected or discouraged now but it has great potential to solve today’s problems at both individual and social level.

However if enough research is done by fusing Western and Indian methods,it will help humanity to bring in optimum solutions to heal pain and despair of humanity at individual and social levels.This will offer the best holistic solution available to human problems.There is need for innovation,new vision and new direction.

Venkataramanaiah Chekuru



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Hinduism and Buddhism:complementary or contrary- post from Speaking Tree

Hinduism and Buddhism: complementary or contrary – posted in Speaking Tree on 7-11-2013

Read comments by me,experts and others in the link below:

The main differences as I see with whatever exposure I have with both Buddhism and Hinduism:

1.State of mind/realisation-in Buddhist angle-to be in a balanced state of mind/mental existence/consciousness and being aware-observing breathing.It is a state of tranquillity or equilibrium in an otherwise ever changing or ever exploring mental state?Hence seemingly no faith or no god state or dependant state?Here the individual is fairly in control through conscious reining of thought/s and existing in an ever alert to life processes state?Where as in the Vedic or Hindu angle-the individual is aware or conscious looking at the inter-connectedness of life/life processes through sensory processes-seeing the inter-connectedness so thoroughly that everything is submerged or fused into the ever changing consciousness-seeing/realising the esctacy of the great feeling of infinite power or almightiness-unable to settle-sleeps on the lap of the mother-feeling of security and faith-thus goes into a state of deep sleep and comes back at the normal natural way un-mindful of the realisation of infinite source-i.e.realising infinite and being normal without emotional jumping-steady-composed?

2.Materialist interpretation—Buddhist angle-a feeling of being in the real physical world in control and hence substantially attached to material world/body and hence no need to depend on the infinite source/god.Great platform for repair of consciousness-a state of spiritual doctor?

Whereas Vedic angle-that material is a product of thought creation or of Paramatman?That the essence of life /life/atman rests in the material called body with it’s own properties of birth,evolution,existence and dissolution?

Exploration-Buddhist angle-after great explorations-stops at a state of equanimity or rest or tranquillity and finds meaning?Then brings in methods and attributes for worldly existence? Whereas Vedic angle-thorough exploration?Does not stop?Goes into many planes and keep going and after realising infinite state with infinite ways of changing ,the realiser gets confused,exhausted,loses co-ordinates and sees the all including transcendence and finally rests on the lap of the mother/faith?In this state the individual himself sees/realises the state of –aham brahsmi –and beyond-if one is infinitely bold and adventurous?Realises the futulity of search and submits and rests on the lap of mother/faith?All moral codes,ways of life are derived from this source/state-as is final and trusted?

4.Inward looking-both are inward looking explorations with different orientations,methods,findings and hence faiths?Both can converge and compliment each other .Buddhist state being a good spiritual doctor/platform for adventurous Vedic unbound explorations?In that sense one can not strictly separate them?They can be or they are complimentary to each other in the unbound uncertain internal world of existence and useful to the physical world of all hues bringing methods for peaceful and harmonious living and bringing in the best possible synergy for all- irrespective of religious orientations?

Venkataramanaiah Chekuru




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Sankara:from Temporal to Eternal by T.M.P.Mahadevan in Speakingtree

Sankara:from Temporal to Eternal by T.M.P.Mahadevan in Speakingtree on 25-07-2013,visit link below for article and comments:

My comments in the article as below:


Venkataramanaiah Hyderabad

Jul 27, 2013 at 01:40 pm

Silver: 312

The great sages of ancient India have propounded unique spiritualism originating from Sanatana dharma for the good of total society-sakala loka kalyanam.Even with the advent of direct proof giving science with so much material wealth development&technology,spiritualism,more so Indian spiritualism-especially Adwaitam-is so relevant in realms of deep consciousness in the pepheries of concepts or undefinable universe-like matter-energy-life paradigms-has become a must-know with out which humanity may miss the bus of even and harmonious evolution in the uncertain nature?When science with it’s origin from emperical philosophy can not explain phenomenon in it’s totalty,spiritualism more so Adwaitam opens up conceptual framework for better understanding of phenomenon-TRUTH-it’s nature- and LIFE-it’s nature and it’s origin-about which humanity has been searching from times immemorial?For an approach vst ml#4




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From Ignorance to Enlightenment by Dhruva Bhargava in SpeakingTree


‘From Ignorance to Enlightenment’ by Dhruva Bhargava in SpeakingTree on 16-07-2013,visit the link below for article and comments:

God Lover

Jul 17, 2013 at 02:59 pm

Silver: 951




A very strong blog carrying a big message if people are able to decipher that….Thank you very much for sharing…. ^_^


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Dhruva Bhargava Replies to God Lover

Jul 17, 2013 at 04:37 pm

Silver: 827




Thanks for your response…!


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God Lover Replies to Dhruva Bhargava

Jul 17, 2013 at 07:03 pm

Silver: 951




You are welcome… ^_^



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Sri Atmagyani Sunilji Shah Replies to God Lover

Jul 17, 2013 at 04:05 pm

Silver: 1575




Http:// seekers/self-improvement/experience-divine-love-tr uth-yourself



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Venkataramanaiah Chekuru

Jul 17, 2013 at 02:51 pm

Silver: 428

This is a deep state-no number but totality-poornam.No time,space,existance paradigms?In this state,the enlightened soul is libetrated fully without any residue.Feeling complete.No difference between death or life?He/she can leave or stay?There is no other?Only total?Beyond all mundane life processes of objective&subjective contradictions?But if one has a purpose for the world,one has to attach to the body firmly with complete power for delivering results in the interest of SAKALA LOKA KALYANAM?For more details,visit ml#4



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Dhruva Bhargava Replies toVenkataramanaiah C..

Jul 17, 2013 at 03:45 pm

Silver: 827




Dear Venkataramanaiah ji. you are absolutely correct. It’s the sate of all in one and one in all. The paripurna state. All worldly attachements and affairs are transient. being attached to world you loose sight of the truth the eternal existence. Being one with existence you loose the touch of the world. It’s a paradox isn’t it?



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Venkataramanaiah Hyderabad Replies toDhruva Bhargava

Jul 17, 2013 at 04:10 pm

Silver: 308

Well said.All religions seem to get their sustainance from this source?There seems to be no evidence of other realisations available to my knowledge?When the source is same appearantly which again seem to be boundless,why religious animosities?May be for power over others?May be effect of evolutionary commerce of power mongering rather than serving?Serving the weak?That was the original idea of religions for helping the helpless towards material and spiritual emanicipation?Then where is humanity now?Hence there has to be purpose-even if it is man made for lok kalyan?Other wise what meaning is there?Time has come that humanity has to reassess their every thing?Thank you once again for the nice and useful post.



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Constitutional Governance in India

Constitutional Governance in India:

Today we saw a news article in the Times of india on –State Intel IG chargesheeted in Sohrab case—see the link:

Yesterday,we saw a news article in the Economic Times on-Digvijay Singh takes dig at SC’s ‘caged parrot’ observations for CBI.And many more articles in the past on Emergency,riots in 1984 killing thousands of Sikhs,the Godra carnage of 2002 including burning of Sabarmati Express-killing many innocents,various terrorist attacks,terrorists and their local colluders&abetors,corruption,crony capitalism,mismanagement,family centred governance from Delhi to galli  etc…

An officer of IG rank is chargesheeted for their probable role in the killing of a probable terrorist in an encouter?May be the officers might have been victims of circumstances and might have done(if done) at the behest of their political masters?The trial will bring out the truth?Encounters are happening frequently in India over the past 65 years since independence?Why this action of  governments in select cases(charging)?In a select way?To please the vote banks or what?Are the institutions working in India?When Supreme Court commented on CBI involving Government corruption(probable) as ‘caged parrot’,see the comments of sri Digvijay Singh,an ex-CM in the link below:

Will both ruling dispensation and opposition answer the nation-the imposition of Emergency on India and the consequent destruction of institutions?Can not there be post-emergency enquiry and trial and punish the culprits at least in record now?

Is there equality before law in India irrespective of religion or caste or region?Who will answer keeping vast majority of masses illeterate for the past 65 years since independence and made them victims of circumstances and helpless?Will the feudal classes and clerical castes/classes who might have been responsible-answer the nation on this?

At least now,will  the rulers follow the constitution in it’s letter and spirit to avoid future problems?Since political leadership of the past 65 years failed to protect true rule of law in their pre-occupation with their self&/family/party self aggradizement projects and misgovernance/mismanagement—institutions such as Supreme Court and Central Administrative Branch might have passed such comments?If their voice is also striffled at this stage,how will common people know-what is going on?

Any delivarance to Indian people?Any takers?

Venkataramanaiah Chekuru



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